Friday, 24 February 2012

friday favourites 010..

As I'm currently a little way (9 days and counting) in to my 100 day shopping ban, I thought I would put together a little list of the things I would have bought this week if I hadn't been banned..
001 : navy bird tea dress - £32 Dorothy Perkins

001: This bird print dress would definitely be winging it's way (see what I did there?!) to my wardrobe - well, actually the overspill dress-rail, but with much swearing by my good friend Alex, which holds all of the dresses which won't fit into any of the existing wardrobes...But it's rather lovely and I do like midi lengths now..Even more tempting, there is currently 25% off everything at Dorothy Perkins if the emails this week are to be believed - I've been doing pretty well at deleting emails from shops without reading them, so that I don't get too tempted!

002 : yellow floral midi dress, £18 Matalan

002: I seem to be a little obsessed with yellow at the moment - (I even found myself drawn to a pair of yellow trousers, yes you read that right, in Sainsbury's the other day - may have been the effects of the cold-turkey shopping ban I suppose) but this dress is certainly on my wish list..Let's hope it's still around in another 91 days..

003 : bicycle print shirt, £28 ASOS
003: Well there will always be space in my printed blouse collection for another, even if it's not a zoo animal..I love the colour and the print, as well as the pockets..

What have you been buying this week?


  1. There is a dress in primark with owls on it. Owls. On a dress. & I did not buy it but I really wanted to. (too high necked for me)
    I may have replenished my wardrobe for going back to work...

  2. I love the yellow dress :)
    Yellow is my favourite colour but I don't wear it enough

  3. oooh I love the DP dress in the mint colour I'm poor until the 29th(payday) so can't take advantage of the 25% off :(
    I bought a denim jacket on ebay for £4 which I'#m excited about, might customize it with studs.

  4. Waaa stop teasing yourself, woman!

  5. I love the yellow dress although i'm not sure if I could pull yellow off it's not a colour I tend to own/wear.

  6. I love the yellow matalan dress! I'm not on a shopping ban but am trying to curb my spending, it's hard with all these lovely things in the shops!

    Caroline x

  7. you would have bought ALL these in one week? It's so fortunate you're on the ban! I hope you come out of this a changed woman Char. (though i do really like your choices)

  8. Oooh that bird tea dress is lovely. I'm trying not to spend money on clothes at the moment which means I just have to avoid clothes shops/delete online newsletters without reading them as I am too weak! Jen x

  9. Oh god I want that bird dress!!!


  10. The blouse is gorgeous, I'm sure the challenge will be worthwhile in the end! xxx

  11. It's hard isn't it! If not for the ban, I would definitely be heading to Dorothy P online after reading this post! I bought a birthday outfit for a friend on Saturday and a knitted dress I really really would like to keep but bought it for someone else!