Wednesday, 1 February 2012

handbags and gladrags..


A couple of weeks ago, i was contacted by Accessories Direct and asked if i would like to choose a product to review..i had a little browse on the site, and this Kate Benjamin 'Dasha' clutch bag really caught my eye..

I then had quite a busy week and had almost forgotten what I was waiting for when a smart and rather classy-looking black parcel arrived, containing the bag, nicely wrapped in tidy black tissue paper for a rather luxe feel, and containing a lovely note from the people at Accessories Direct..

I have to admit, I was first of all very pleasantly surprised by the size - I'd been anticipating something tiny, and probably not all that functional other than for a real red-carpet affair to keep your taxi money and a lipstick in, but, boy was I wrong! The Dasha is a lovely, sizeable clutch, and you could happily take it anywhere containing all of the essentials - ( case in point: my day-to-day purse doesn't often get along with clutch bags, but I've had no such problems with this; it easily fits my purse, phone and car keys, with room to spare, which in my opinion wins it top marks for size)..

The lace detail is very pretty and you can really feel that it is of a nice quality, which won't catch or snag easily..It's layered over a pretty champagne-coloured satin, which the lining is also finished in..I really like the chunky frame and clasp detail, which I think helps to 'toughen up' the bag overall, and I can't wait to build an outfit around it for a friends' wedding later in the year..(well, if it goes ahead that is; the proposal came as something of a shock to everyone, as they had broken up only days before, but that's another story..)

And anyway, even if I don't have a wedding to take it to, I'm rather a fan of mixing some 'eveningwear' accessories into my daily outfits, so I'm sure if you watch this space, you'll spot it soon enough....

[Disclaimer: I was sent the Dasha clutch bag to review, but my views are, as ever, my own, and both honest and impartial]


  1. Ohh Char thats really pretty, i like it ALOT! X

  2. Lol and now i'm looking on the site at the wedding bits, i'm sure i'll find some things that i need! x

  3. It looks lovely, love the clasp! I'm also a fan of mixing evening wear in with daywear! Can't wait to see the bag in action! xx

  4. Ooh, that does look really nice! I chose a purse to review but I much prefer this bag :) x

  5. I love it, great size! I'm gonna check out their site next time I'm looking :-)

  6. I love the lace detailing on this clutch, and that it's big enough to fit lots in. Definitely handy to be able to store everything for a night out! x

  7. Such a lovely bag! I love that it's big enough for your purse, I hate when really nice bags are silly small! xxx

  8. Oooo it is a great size and such a pretty bag! I can imagine it would be great for a day at the races!

  9. I love the lace detailing on this bag