Friday, 10 February 2012

happy we'll be, beyond the sea..

goldfish top: dorothy perkins // necklace: topshop
shorts: clothing at tesco // belt: accessorize
tights, socks: primark

so very glad that this week is coming to an end..after a really disappointing appointment yesterday morning, i went on to get very little done during the rest of the day, so today has been a bit manic..
i'm hoping that my enthusiasm will return over the weekend, as there are plenty of sewing projects i would like to make some progress with..

and if we get some snow this weekend, that'll be a bonus in my opinion - i know some people hate it, but i love the snow and we haven't really seen any near my house for so long (despite the fact i was less than 20miles away last weekend and caught in snowy traffic chaos!) 

 finally got around to wearing this goldfish print top, which i couldn't resist spending my latest dorothy perkins vouchers on a couple of weekends's a bit oversized, but i quite like it tucked into my favourite shorts..i've swapped the belt out for an orange one i picked up in the post-xmas sale in accessorize (one thing i hadn't really thought about re: losing weight was the fact that most of my belts now don't fit, or need more holes punching into them, which i need to try and do without doing myself any damage) and layered a pair of orange-y primark socks over some tights to go into my ankle boots; a futile attempt at keeping my toes warm..

a bit of a dress-down friday, but my excuse is that the weather is looking fairly miserable..


  1. That is a really cute top :) I'm afraid I hate the snow because I know when I finish work tomorrow night at 9.30 I'm going to have to freeze my hands off scraping snow off my car!

  2. I hope you have a better weekend and a brighter week next week.
    I LOVE your top.

  3. I really like the top it's really cute. I haven't seen it in any DPs I've visited lately - it's a good find!

  4. you have the best top collection, along with the dress one AND shoes!

  5. Love this top, pretty sure it is the same print as I was lusting over in the fabric shop the other day! x

  6. You look gorgeous & so slim xx

  7. love that top! Have a good weekend Char x

  8. Goldfish top is fab! You're my favourite for great patterned clothing.

    If you have any shoes to re-heel, the cobblers will usually do belt holes for you if you ask nicely.

  9. Aaaaaaaaah I love those fishes! Possibly my favourite animal top thus far!

  10. Oh I love this new addition to your wardrobe zoo! Soon you'll have as many animal print things as pairs of irregular choice shoes Char ;-)

  11. I love that t-shirt, I have a bit of a thing for collecting animal print clothes atm!

    I've given you an award on my blog :)

    Happy weekend!


  12. Awesome top, such a cute pattern :)