Monday, 27 February 2012

here comes the summer..

Happy Monday morning - Although it looks to be the start of another crazy busy week ahead, I'm feeling positive and seem to be getting a lot done already..I think that recently my outlook has shifted a little; I used to be quite hard on myself if I felt as though I hadn't got as much done as I should..More recently, I think I've accepted that fact that with the best will in the world, I do tend to take too much on to get everything done right away, so I'm trying to be a bit more relaxed and realistic in my expectations of myself..

For example, yesterday I spent most of the morning in bed as I was in pain, which made me feel kind of lazy, but there wasn't much point in trying to put pressure on myself to get up and do something when I physically couldn't..I spent the time writing a letter, reading up on and making a plan for how I want to plant up the allotment, and finishing a library book - which are all good things, so I shouldn't feel bad that the day didn't go as planned..right?

vest: primark

As today's outfit is just a repeat of this one, I am posting yesterday's outfit, when I finally felt up to getting up..I was perhaps a little bit over-excited to see the sun, hence short and vest..i did put some shoes and a chunky cardigan on to leave the house, and accepted the fact that despite the sunshine, it was still pretty cold..roll on the summer!

shorts: clothing at tesco // lilac belt (not seen): asos


  1. I love getting too excited when the sun comes out! I went wild and wore thinner tights ;) The top is very pretty

  2. Sometimes downtime can be a lot more productive than rushing about trying to complete the impossible xxx

  3. How I wish it was warmer so I could get away with vest tops outside!

  4. It's so important to let yourself be ill, otherwise takes twice as long to get better! Sounds like you had a productive day in the end :) Ooh, couldn't help noticing your huge pile of gorgeous suffering from serious shoe envy!

  5. you look very summery! I was down to my short sleeved top Sunday and sunglasses, mad!