Wednesday, 15 February 2012

the shadows in the background of the morgue..

wedges: primark
swan print top: h&m
caridgan: river island
dress (worn as skirt) and tights: primark
wow today's photos are making me think i need to get a new camera, rather other news, my poor neighbours may be in danger of thinking i have contracted 'morning tourettes' as this morning, just like the previous one, saw me thrashing around in my wardrobe room in a desperate attempt to find something to create an outfit from to go with these primark floral wedges, and using any number of choice words - some of which i'm not even convinced are actual swearwords, but probably should be..

this put me in a bit of a sulky mood, as in my head to go with these shoes i fancied a pencil skirt of dusky pink, or maybe pale lemon, but none such things exist in my wardrobe it would seem, and anything i tried on didn't fit right, or didn't look right, etc, so in the end i threw this outfit together and wore the shoes anyway..

also sulky because i woke up to find that my cold (yes, the one which has lasted three effing weeks and finally seemed to have left me yesterday) is back with a vengeance..ugh! not sure i can face swimming this evening, so am going to get some letters written to some of my lovely penpals and make some progress with the great pile of books i want to read..
i did stop on the way to work to pick up something lovely from the post office - my RAK swap parcel from kate  - hope everyone has received theirs - thank you all for taking part!



  1. Those shoes rock! Sorry to hear about your cold being back, hate it when that happens. Take care of yourself!

  2. I love those shoes so much! Did you get them recently? x

  3. Love these shoes! Maybe it's about time I got over my fear of Primark... :)

  4. Well i think you look lovely. Those wedges are fab.
    I also love the wrapping paper on the RAK pressie you received x

  5. love what you wore with the wedges! I need to layer over dresses, I do tend to forget that.

  6. I love your shoes Char, and that swan top is gorgeous. I hope your cold clears up soon lovely. xxx

  7. As I said on twitter those shoes really are amazing!

  8. Amazing shoes and the outfit is lovely too :) I often have wardrobe induced tourettes!

  9. I really hope they still have those wedges in Primark!