Tuesday, 21 February 2012

when the skies are grey and all the doors are closing..

dress: vintage store
necklace: primark

shoes: new look
 i'm in a bit of a bad mood today, i have horrible pain in my tooth (i have a hole in one of them and managed to get a sunflower seed stuck in it, and then when trying to get that out, managed to gouge a section of skin out of my mouth) and have been having a total headache trying to get my phone upgraded..

one thing that should put me in a good mood is that this dress seems to fit me much better now than the last time i wore it - i fell for it at a vintage store a few years back, and it was always fairly snug (i'm always made to feel like a total whale when i go vintage shopping, i've never really had the shape or size for vintage fashion) so i'm pleased that the fit has improved now..

hope everyone is planning to consume plenty of pancakes this evening..i had my pancake plans cancelled at last minute, so probably won't be, as i never think it's worth making up a whole load of batter just for me - one of those things which i always think i'll be more hungry for than i am, and then feel full after one..


  1. Shame you can't have your pancakes and i'm making mine just for me seeing the boy doesn't want any. I've been craving them since Sunday!

  2. BLEUGH re the tooth! I've got bagel seeds stuck in my wisdom teeth a coupla times, was getting threatened with having them out at one point, luckily they've calmed down, even the dentist hesitated when I asked about the pain factor... Gorgeous dress, loving the purple :)

  3. Awwww pretty dress! It looks lovely on you Char!!! I always feel depressed when vintage shopping as little that is ever in my price range is in my size!

  4. oh that dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. love your vintage dress. Hope thinks have perked up today x

  6. Cute dress. Wearing pretty things sometimes helps put me in a better mood :) I was too lazy to buy pancake ingredients...oops xx

  7. I was working so no pancakes for me either! That's a lovely dress, the shoes go perfectly