Friday, 30 March 2012

friday favourites 011..

A 6.30 set-off to today's meeting didn't give me time to sort out any outfit photos, so I thought I'd put together some of the things which are begging me to break my shopping ban this week..I'm quite pleased with how I'm doing, 44 days in - that's almost halfway..

001 Skinny Jeans : River Island, £15
001: I've been lusting after these fan print skinny jeans for months now, ever since seeing them in store a while back and thinking that they will never suit me. I did recently try on a different pair of skinny jeans, and although I'm still not quite convinced they're the most flattering style ever, I didn't completely hate them..Now they're in the sale, they are even more tempting..

002 ASOS elephant print blouse, £35

002: This elephant print shirt needs a place in my wardrobe zoo! I just love it, the shape and the print - I've put it on the birthday list I'm sending to mother..

I'm also lusting after a pale pink blazer, although I can't find the one I'm sure I've seen - it's always possible I imagined it though..


  1. I am so tempted by those RI jeans x

  2. Skinny jeans are the business, seriously. And I have hips and an arse.

    I actually did an outfit post today!