Monday, 26 March 2012

here comes the summer..

dress: new look

can can heels: irregular choice
Wow, what a difference a bit of sunshine can make. I have had a fabulously organised and productive weekend, and I even found time to sit out in the sun and read a whole book (it was trashy, it didn't take long!).

On Friday night I went for a surprise meal for one of my best friends, which was lovely - she didn't know anything about it, and was (I think!) thrilled to turn up at the restaurant and find 16 or so of us there. Plus it was a really yummy Italian, which was a bonus!

Then Saturday morning I got up early, picked up a spade, fork and rake which a friend has given me for my alltoment, then headed down there to plant some raspberry plants which I was given last week - feels good to have some actual physical plants in the ground. Also managed to get my four rotation beds marked out with plastic edging a friend gave to me - everyone I know has been rather helpful and generous with things for the allotment and I have quite a lot of seeds now which I need to get around to planting soon.

Then went to meet plastic-edging-friend in town, where we managed to find glowsticks for next weekend's excursion with the guides, and had a lovely cafe lunch. I was fairly exhausted when I got home, so loaded up the car in advance of Sunday's car boot sale, before having an early night.

Sunday's car boot went well, I came home with less than half of the stuff I took with me, which I always feel is an achievement. Then got all my Guides shopping done for this evening's Easter meeting, and then went home to sit and read in the garden, before spending the evening packing up my week's ebay sales and listing some more things on there. There's something about Spring which makes me feel so much more positive !


  1. I agree, I always feel much more positive when the sun is out! It sounds like you had a productive weekend :) I love the colours in your dress!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

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  3. love your dress, so bright and lovely! Glad to hear your allotment is taking shape.

  4. Ooh love this dress, and raspberries, excellent choice! Also gonna post your letter friday, was waiting for a wee envelope to appear... (cryptic but fun mail coming your way!) :)