Friday, 2 March 2012

now and then I think of when we were together..

heels: new look

dress, tights: primark

bangle: accessorize?
 Super speedy outfit post today as I have so much to do before I leave the office for the weekend and I seem to have spent the day putting it all off so far - gaah, somebody kick me..
Think I wore this dress quite recently; sorry to be a bore, and the shoes are old favourites..
Seem to have got a lot of the things on my 'home list' (spring cleaning, picking up parcles, recycling,  generally clearing things out bit by bit) but have plenty to fill my weekend with - will be spending a lot of my time digging the allotment, provided the weather isn't too drastic, and the rest of it working my way through my sewing projects - i seem to be getting good at starting things recently; not so great at finishing them off, but i've got another lesson date planned now, so hopefully that will put the pressure on just enough..