Monday, 5 March 2012

plenty of room at the hotel california..

dress: monsoon

heels: primark

cardigan: h+m
 Given the fact that I would consider this dress one of my absolute favourites, it seemed a shame that I've only worn it the one time so far.. So when it came to choosing something to wear for a Sunday lunch out with family friends, the print jumped out at me and I matched a cardigan and a pair of shoes to the print..

The shoes are fab; I picked them up in Primark a little while back, because they're the exact same style and shape as the mustard pair I have and wear often - really comfortable, and I decided a bright blue pair wouldn't go amiss in my shoe collection..

I had such a lovely weekend. I popped down to drop some paving slabs off at the allotment at 8am on Saturday morning and ended up staying there until 4.30, by which time I think I'd managed to dig over and weed about 30sqm..After a soak in the bath (unheard of for me as I'm generally a hater of baths!), I managed a bit of sewing before an early night after all the digging..

The good part about that was it meant I was up early on Sunday, managing to cram in a good few hours of dressmaking whilst watching Despicable Me and then the Princess and the Frog, before even having to think about getting ready to head out for lunch - it felt like a productive weekend, despite spending most of Sunday afternoon eating / loafing about at a friends' fabulous penthouse flat.

I'm doing rather well with the spending ban too; being busy all weekend kept me away from the shops - I didn't even think about shopping! - and I'm on day 19 so almost 1/5 of the way through and have managed to transfer quite chunk of money to my savings, rather than spending it all as soon as payday came around, so that's good.

I'm considering planning a couple of nights away around Easter, although it will really depend on the weather by then. I'd love a couple of relaxing days away somewhere new, although I'm not sure where.


  1. Well done char your doing so well! I feel giulty becasue my boyfriend bought me a shirt at the weekened from a charity shop and my mum bought me a magazine too!I mean i'm not spending money but...
    anyway you look so beautiful, the dress suitsyou perfectly x

  2. That is one gorgeous outfit.

  3. Ooh this is one of my fave outfits on here, love it all! Yay for the productivity too, all I did was some maintenance and fell out with some random customer being rude to my friend... (I dont belong around people!) ;)

  4. Oh please wear that dress more, love it!

  5. Oh my goodness, this outfit is beautiful! LOVE it! Well done with the spending ban too!

  6. Oooooooh soo soo sooo sooo pretty!!!! And well done on the productive Saturday! Brilliant!!!

  7. well done on the non spending!!
    However how you can call those gorgeous shoes comfortable is beyond me! I had a similar pair in purple, and gave them away because I just cannot walk in them!!

  8. You look gorg, hun!
    I am always stunned by your high heels. (I think my eyes popped out of my head when you showed us those ones you bought at Primani in Manchester! Good God, how you walk in them I don't know, but I wish I could!!!)
    And I think you needed to go back to work for a rest after such a productive weekend. I feel put to shame! No, make that inspired!
    Z xx

  9. You definitely need to wear this dress more often. I think it's one the best outfits I've seen you in lately, it suits your figure perfectly. Your hair is looking lovely too.

  10. Such a beautiful & colourful outfit, I love it!

  11. That is a stunning dress, the pattern is very beautiful. I'm also loving the shoes. i find I get a lot of use out of my heels in that colour as they go with so much.

    X x

  12. Love the dress, you look lovely x

  13. Those shoes are amazing - if I could manage heels that high, I'd have to go after them myself! x