Wednesday, 11 April 2012

hiding from the world..

blouse: tu clothing

short + pumps : primark

green lace up ballet pumps : office
One of those odd outfits today, I'd forgotten I had this blouse, but the other day I had a bit of a clothes rage as I couldn't find anything to wear which fitted me, so I had thrown a lot of items out of the wardrobe and into a heap on the floor, which this blouse was on the top of this morning - you can't really tell from the pictures but it has a pussybow tie at the top, which I should imagine is why I was drawn to it..I decided it would go ok with this pair of shorts, then had a bit of a dilemma as to whether or not I should tuck the blouse in / leave it out..

After that, and a quick shoe swap to these green velvet pumps which I'd also forgotten about, I was finally ready to leave the house. Have since spent the day doing battle with my iPod and panicking about giving blood this evening, which I totally feel sick thinking about, but will hopefully be ok once I get there.. 


  1. Love those pumps! Oh good luck donating; I hate doing it too but I have a rare blood type so I suffer it when the donors are in town as I feel it's important! x

  2. i like it when you forget about shoes. makes it feel like you've just been shopping again ha. looking cuuute as ever though!x

  3. How did giving blood go? I want to do it but it makes me feel sick. But then I feel selfish having perfectly good blood (I hope!) and not sharing it!

  4. love those shoes. the whole outfit looks really good Char x

  5. Love those shoes!
    I hope everything went smoothly giving blood =)

  6. So envious of your shoe collection!

  7. I really like the blouse, I am always rediscovering old gems xxx

  8. gah I hate the whole in or out dilemma with blouses! It looks great out though.
    I do love finding clothes I'd forgot about :) x