Thursday, 5 April 2012

the moment i wake up, before i put on my make up..


I'm sure that anyone who follows me on twitter will have seen my whinges about the state of my skin recently; I've always had fairly problematic skin, which usually results in my avoiding any make up (other than the odd flash of mascara and eyeliner, or if I'm feeling particularly brave a little lipstick). Recently it's been much more dry and flaky than usual, which I am putting down to the fact that I have been going swimming almost every day and the chlorine seems to be drying me out.


So when the lovely folks at Montagne Jeunesse contacted me about trying out their new Skin Heroes range of facemasks, I must admit jumped at the chance. I like Montagne Jeunesse as they always try to use natural ingredients, and I do like a good facemask although I don't seem to remember to use them enough; recently mainly only for girly nights in with friends.

The first mask I decided to try was the Dry Skin Masque, as I had quite a lot of flaky skin around my forehead and nose. The sachet was split into two parts and after washing my face I applied the first stage - described as a fruity mix of blueberries, raspberries and red grapes. The masque applied nicely and there was plenty of the product to easily cover my face as you can see in the photos (there was a little more in the sachet but my application felt thick enough).

Thoughts on Stage One: I left this on for a good twenty minutes, and it was a pleasant feeling. I wouldn't have said that the fragrance was fruity; more floral, but still a nice, gentle scent.

Once I washed the first stage of the masque off, there was a smaller section of the sachet which was the stage two serum, described as a serum of crushed fruit with a smoothening ingredient.


Thoughts on  Stage Two: I found this to be a pleasant moisturiser of thin consistency, but easy to massage into the skin. Again, I perhaps wouldn't have been able to tell what fruits were in the mixture; I found it to have a similar gentle scent to the masque itself, but I liked that it applied easily without leaving any sticky residue, which I think is important with skin care products.

I definitely felt that my skin was more moisturised and felt much nicer after using this masque. I plan to work my way through the rest of the range and will probably review those as and when I use them. The Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes range are available from the website, or at Asda, priced at £1.49. All of the products are suitable for vegetarians.

I was sent the Skin Heroes range to try out and review and as always have not let this compromise my honest opinions of the products.


  1. I'm always too scared to use these, it doesn't take much to trigger an allergic reaction :(

    I got your card today, thank youuu! x

  2. I love face masks but my skin is so sensitive I don't know if I can use them. Gah

  3. I love their face masks, I always have a few in my drawer just incase my skin is feeling extra crap. I love the exfoliating ones they're really good :)