Monday, 30 April 2012

pack up your troubles in your old kit bag..

giraffe necklace: present (I think from new look)
tshirt: h+m // blazer: ASOS
shorts: clothing at tesco // tights, belt, satchel: primark
brogues: H by Henry Holland
Friday's outfit, which turned out to be one of those crazy-mental days where you don't know where the time goes (hence my blog silence over the weekend; usually I get chance to schedule soemthing before I leave work, but I just didn't have time!)

 I really do like this blazer; I know it's quite oversized, but that sort of appeals to me with this. But it doesn't really lend itself to 'smart' outfits, so I tend to wear it with shorts, since I'm not a trousers girl. (I seem to be back down to just three pairs of trousers now after having an outsort of the pairs which didn't fit!).

So I figured this would do as a bit of a thrown-together, rainy, dress-down Friday outfit. My friend recently gave me this giraffe necklace, which I really like, and the brogues are nice and sturdy as well as being waterproof, although I can't help thinking they make my feet seem really big and mannish.

I still have lots of books for sale here, although I'm probably going to dump them off at the charity shop at the end of the week as I want to clear the space, so do let me know if any take your fancy!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend despite all the rainy weather - typically it's been dry all day today.


  1. I love your patterned blazers. I've just bought a spotted one.

    Yellow really suits you.


  2. I love the blazer and the giraffe necklace :) xxx

  3. I like the shorts and blazer thing, I think you're right, it's dress down but still really interesting. I just got a top with giraffes on at a charity shop (Henry Holland) - I think I must have been inspired by your wardrobe zoo!

  4. Man you have the best blazers! :)

  5. blazer and shorts, such a great combo. Tres jealous of your blazer!

  6. I love the blazer Char, you always have such fun clothes!

  7. Gorgeous outfit, the necklace is adorable x