Wednesday, 18 April 2012

walk on the cracks of the same old sidewalks..

sausage dog blouse: matalan

velvet + glitter sandals: matalan

pencil skirt: dorothy perkins

telephone necklace: accessorize
 Sometimes I wish some of my favourite items of clothing were a bit more flattering - ever see something and imagine it will look a certain way, and then realise that actually it looks nothing like you imagined when it's actually on you? I think this blouse is one of those; given today's photos I think it make me look like a sausage too.

Today I saw one of my old work colleagues and my brief conversation with them managed to cement some of the thoughts I've been having recently about the social acceptability of weight-related comments.

Obviously it's not deemed to be particularly acceptable to comment on someone's weight gain; I think almost everyone would agree that it's downright rude to tell someone they are fat or overweight, and I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't dream of it. But what about the other way? At what point does it become acceptable for people who don't know you that well (I'm not talking about family and friends' here, more people like ex-work colleagues, or bar staff who work in hotels you sometimes go to, the kind of people you would say a passing hello to but not much more) to point out how much weight you've lost, followed by comments about how healthy/unhealthy/better/worse you may look. I'm not sure there's a definitive answer, I was just merely voicing my thoughts about this.

Now off to have a last-minute panic shop in Asda to get things for Rangers this evening..   


  1. I love the print on your blouse :) I never understand either when people you don't know very well comment on things like that, I'd never do it to someone I hardly really knew!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. When I first lost all my weight my manager at my retail job told me I need to eat a few cream cakes. I'd never tell an overweight person they needed to cut out the cream cakes. So what makes it ok for someone to say that to me. Double standards I think.
    It really annoys me how people feel the need to say to me i'm silly to be on weightwatchers at my size. I don't feel comfortable about my size at the minute so why shouldn't I do something about it? I know i'm not large but i'm a bit bigger to what i'd like to be. Only want to lose around 4-5 lbs now and i'll be happy.
    I've niticed that it's always slightly bigger people who comment. Jealousy that you've got the willpower to do it? I don't know.

    Slight ramble there Char ha!

  3. I would only EVER comment favourably on someone's appearance, saying 'you've lost weight' even if meant nicely can be a bit rude - unless you know them and know they're trying to - far better to say 'you look great!'. This is something I am attempting to teach my children, see my most recent post for the worst personal critics a girl can have!

    You don't look like a sausage, by the way. Oh and I like that if you scroll down past the photograph of the print it gives the impression they're wagging their tails :-)

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