Sunday, 8 April 2012

you go fast, i'll go slow..

dog print blouse: new look
coat: white stuff
pinafore dress: asos // necklace, tights, beret: primark

Following such sun last weekend that I managed to get pink shoulders and legs, I was amazed to wake up to snow on Wednesday and it threw me into a bit of an outfit panic. I figured it was high time I tried out this ASOS pinafore, picked up in the post-Christmas sale, has sat around ever since. I'm not sure about it; wondering about a hot wash in the hope I can shrink it a little..

But when it's cold I'm drawn to chunky woolen layers, so I added some lovelky thick tights and one of my favourite coats - I always forget to take photos including my coats!

Also this blouse was in a vacuum bag under my bed, stored away with a few others when I gave up on wearing blouses (I went through a phase of being certain that I looked truly ridiculous in any blouse!) but I'm going to work my way through them once more before deciding whether or not to get rid..


  1. love that blouse, the print is so cute. Your coat is a lovely colour too x

  2. Ooh this blouse is cute, glad you kept it! :)

  3. Well Char, if you decide you're not sure about them, you could lop the sleeves off and have some sleeveles blouses like the cat one! Or put them on your blog sale! However, I think you look really nice in this blouse and pinafore combo! I really like wearing blouses and pinafores but I lack any such dresses, I got rid of my last one sadly, regretting it!

  4. Love, love, love that blouse! Don't get rid of it!