Monday, 2 April 2012

you're every single shade of blue..

skirt: republic // vest: new look
necklace: topshop

tights, shoes, ring, cardigan: primark

I'm not feeling very focused today - I managed to get quite a lot done over the weekend, with a trip to the Big Gig in Birmingham with a coach-load of guides and rangers taking up most of my Saturday, followed by an impromtu meal with one of the leaders, which ended up in us getting told to leave as they were closing the pub for the night..

Then on Sunday I got my potatoes planted, although am now worrying I may have planted them too deep; hopefully I'll see something from them in a few months anyway. I fancy I'll buy some compost this week and get some seeds planted into trays as it seems a shame not to make the most of the sun which blasts into the windows on the flat during the day, so that's on the list for this week.

Also, had a much more promising doctor's appt than usual, feel as though I'm finally getting somewhere towards figuring out what is causing my frequent pain..

Not much thought went into today's outfit; I just wanted to wear this skirt as it's been sitting there for a long long time going unworn!


  1. Glad you're finally getting somewhere with the doctors.


  2. Aah awesome necklace! Hopefully the doctor will be more helpful now... Oh I posted your letter earlier but in case you dont get it in time...Free Scoop Day at Ben and Jerrys tomorrow! :)

  3. That teddy bear is the cutest and the skirt is just lovely too xxx

  4. Glad your getting somewhere with the doctor. They really are useless.
    Love that skirt!