Monday, 28 May 2012

the ace of spades..

Hopefully everyone has managed to have a nice weekend in the sun. I managed to get lots done on Saturday and then also spend a day at the seaside with my sister on Sunday which involved opening my birthday presents from her (early) and catching up on all of her news, as I don't see her often enough.

 As she's just finished Uni she went to her Summer Ball on Saturday, which had all manner of entertainment including ferris wheels and roulette tables. Which got us thinking about planning a casino trip at some point soon.

view from the Big Wheel in Beaumaris
swan print top: next (gift) // shorts: red herring // sandals: clothing at tesco
jelly baby flavour ice cream from the ice cream parlour! (I'm cheating a bit - again- and counting ice cream as my Day 28 for the FBlogger challenge. I bet it's something everyone had at the weekend, right?!)

I have to admit I've never been to an actual casino, although I've spent hours playing poker and various other casino games with friends at parties. The main topic of our planning conversation focussed on what we ought to wear, to be honest. It's alright for the men, just wear a suit and you fit right in, but I've spent most of this morning browsing for something suitable. Do you think one of these would do..?



  1. I've only been to a casino since moving to the states because they are one of the big things about downtown Detroit. And seriously people really don't dress up for them over here - just jeans and trainers!

  2. That ice cream looks unbelievably good!
    I definitely say the second dress.
    My best friend and I used to hold casino nights every Friday when we were in sixth form. But surprisingly have never been to a casino, don't think there are any in Belfast...

  3. That ice cream looks sooo good! Both of those dresses look lovely and would be more than dressy enough I'm sure :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. Oh that purple dress is stunning. if only i had some where to wear it.

    X x

  5. Oh my goodness, that ice-cream is crazy!!! I love those two dresses!

  6. Deffo the second dress...would keep a bit of modesty ever time you bend over/forward to place your chips!
    I think that ice cream+hot weather would mean that a lot of people were actually wearing their ice cream too. Drip, drip, drip!
    Happy birthday, tho' not sure of the actual date! There's a card wating for the glue to dry, (ie not finished), here for you and I will eventually pop some bits in the post. Will let you know...
    Lotsa luv
    Z xx

  7. OMG where do I get one of those ice creams!!!!!!!