Friday, 25 May 2012

all of the guys call her flamingo..

flamingo blouse: miss selfridge
shorts: clothing at tesco // shoes: primark
Day 25 of the FBlogger challenge already - yikes, this month is going so quickly! - and I have to post an outfit which is typically me. Well, considering a couple of years ago I wouldn't have considered wearing shorts at all, my style has definitely changed. I love this pair in particular and would say there is probably not a week goes by where I don't wear them, at least once

I rediscovered this blouse the other day; with the shorts they make me think of a kind of safari outfit. Perhaps I'm just being nostalgic and wishing for holidays!

In other news, a friend and I found this when we were camping the other week, all rusty and in the middle of the long grass. I'm wondering what it actually is, but after a lick of some gold enamel paint which I've had for ages, I'm also wondering what to use it for..



  1. Love the shorts, I don't wear shorts much but I'm always looking for the perfect pair- these are great, the cut is fab

  2. What a find, not sure what it is but it looks pretty.

    x x

  3. Looks like you could use it for hanging earrings off?

  4. I think that would make a good jewellery stand!