Thursday, 17 May 2012

and you'll be pretty happy too..

dress, cardigan: primark
floral heels: office

I found this dress the other day, I don't remember ever being particularly taken by it and so haven't worn it for years.When I found it crushed between several other dresses, once it had seen the iron, I decided I actually rather like it now. I saw my Mum and she says there's a very similar dress in Laura Ashley at the moment (bonus!).

I had a hilarious evening at Rangers after a busy but productive day at work. We made sweets, and have been asked if we wanted to have a fundraising stall at the local Jubilee fete, to which we have said yes, but now need findraising ideas, please!

For day 17 of Selina's FBlogger challenge, she wants us to share something we wear when it's sunny. I was looking for sunglasses the other day anyway (in optimistic preparation for last weekend of camping) and decided to take a photo of my collection to be used today. As you can see I go for patterned and colourful, but make sure I stick to budget pairs (h&m and primark are favourites) as I do have a tendency to lose, sit on, break and scratch them.


  1. It's cheap glasses for me all the way too. I can't keep mine intact or in my possession. I think your dress is a great colour for you.

    Good luck with fundraising!


  2. I am impressed with your sunnies collection, I had a cull and now only own one pair :(

  3. Love the dress, it really suits you too! x

  4. I love the bird print on your dress :) What a great sunglasses collection, the polka done pair are so pretty!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. Is that a Pashley Princess behind you? You have such a girly bike! Awwwwwwww!
    Love that dress- it looks like something they had in Cath Kidston at the mo!

  6. Oh my you have such a great selection of sunglasses! I have two cheap and half broken pairs and one decent pairs- I need more in my life

  7. I love all ur sunglasses! I want them all!!!!!! <3

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  8. so many sunnies. I have 2 pairs, both cheapies.

  9. LOVE your bike! :)
    What an impressive collection of sunglasses :)

  10. ohh just realised that's that primark dress! I have the navy polka dot version and love it so much. you've inspired me to wear it this evening :)

  11. Firstly, I actually want, NO NEED your bike! I love it! Secondly, wow to the sunglasses.. I have one pair.. your collection makes mine look terrible!xx