Wednesday, 23 May 2012

dear catastrophe waitress..

blouse, dress : h+m
belt, heels: primark
I decided that instead of another pair of Irregular Choice, I'd go with my favourite clothes store for Day 23 of the May challenge Selina has set us..

I rarely go into town without sparing some time to have a browse in H&M. Part of it's appeal (other than the sheer range of different options between the various sections) is that it's always laid out in a kind of chaotic fashion, meaning you sort of have to search for the absolute gems!

Both the blouse and the dress are from H&M last autumn. I quite like the layered effect and this blouse lends itself to layering as it's got a rather weird dipped hemline which means the front is almost too short for wearing with anything which isn't high-waisted.

I teamed these with my trusty black primark mary janes - I would totally consider buying another pair of these as they are so versatile that I can see myself wearing them out. But then does that negate the point of the other 299 or so pairs of shoes I own?

I cinched it all in with a waist belt so that there was still some shape to the overall outfit, as the jersey fabric can be a bit clingy in the wrong places otherwise.

In other news, I went to the allotment last night and managed to get my broad beans planted. I also noticed that the onions have been eaten at by rabbits, so need to have a look into investing in some fencing. Any suggestions would be welcome..I also managed to get bitten by something numerous times, I look like I've come out in hives but I didn't even notice any mosquitoes or anything - boo. It's worth it to be out in the sun though.


  1. Love this outfit! No advice for sneaky rabbits, sorry, but having an allotment in this weather must be fab! =)

  2. I love outfits like this! That dress seems really versatile :)

  3. adore this outfit on you, you look so lovely :)x

  4. Do you really have 299 shoes? If so I think I want to be you ha!