Saturday, 5 May 2012

i saw you again and again and again..

The May Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 5: Your Best Bargain

black cardigan: topshop // orange boat print dress: bay trading (waiting for altering)
Ok, so this may not be the cheapest thing in my wardrobe, but on a cost per wear basis this Topshop cardigan is one of the cheapest things I've ever owned. I bought it as I needed something black for when I was working in a bar, years back, and at the time I think I paid around £25 for it, five years ago maybe - eek.

pencil skirt: new look
bow detail top, heels: primark
So a typical outfit incorporating it seemed like the most natural progression for today's outfit post. This was just a work outfit from last week, I had to run a seminar for important clients so I figured this would be smarter than my usual outfit choice.

I'd almost forgotten about this skirt, and I haven't worn the top for ages - I quite like them together; I think I've had reservations about the length and the puffball-effect hem of the top.

Talking of a cost-per-wear basis, these shoes have already paid for themselves over and over by now, I'd have thought. What's your best bargain?


  1. I love it when a bargain works out! Mine was definatly my Anna Sui dress though; £1.50 in the Outnet first birthday sale!

  2. I love the skirt and top combo!

    My best bargain is a black Uniqlo zip-up hoodie. I think I paid about £15 for it, and I wear it constantly.


  3. I love these posts! I have a go to black cardi too but sadly it's dying of bobble overload now and no amount of debobbling with the debobbler is fixing it - sob!

    P.S. I just dropped my jaw at your shoes on the post below - SO MANY! :D


  4. I have a Karen Millen cardigan that I paid about £100 for 14 years ago. I still wear it quite often. So stupidly expensive but cost per wear is good value.