Saturday, 12 May 2012

it's not what you do what you don't do makes me want to talk to you..

May FBlogger Challenge - Day 12: Outfit you've had the best times in.


Sadly I don't have any pictures of the actual weekend, but about a year ago I went for a daytrip to the beach, and it was so nice that we ended up staying for another night and day. One of those completely impromptu things, but one of the nicest and most relaxed weekends I can remember for a really really long time. This was the dress I wore that day and everytime I see it in the wardrobe it reminds me.

shorts: clothing at tesco // horse print blouse: miso (republic)
leggings,  boots: primark

What did I tell you about this pair of shorts - they seem to be the only thing I end up taking outfit photos in recently. I do wear other things, honest!I just fancied wearing this horse print blouse as it fell out of the wardrobe when I was trying to get something else, and I realised I hadn't worn it for a while.

As it was a rainy, miserable day I layered the shorts with leggings and boots - I'll be so cross when these boots wear out, they were so cheap from Primark and have seen me through so many miserable days! I sometimes think I shouldn't wear them as often so as to prolong their life - does anyone else do that?


  1. yeah i'm terrible for 'saving' my nice clothes so they last longer.. it means i barely wear them at all! gorgeous dress <3

  2. I used to do it a lot, but ended up with too many 'save for best/special occasion' type clothes.

    Now I have the bad habit of wearing the hell out of one thing and ignoring everything else.


  3. i love the horsey blouse. wear it forever x

  4. Love that dress, very seasidey! Also very well done on the Victoria Plum dress you made Alex - it's amazing! xx