Thursday, 24 May 2012

milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..

GOk, so today's heading on the FBlogger challenge really threw me, and all I could think of was the song. Which in turn lead me to think of this dress. I'm hilarious, right?

bow detail cardigan: george@asda
milkshake print dress: g21/george@asda
This dress was a total bargain a few years ago from George's G21 range at Asda. I remember shopping with my sister and seeing that there was one left, in my size and snapping it up and then being thrilled that it was about £3! I then also recall wearing it once (here in fact!) and deciding it was too short, so it's languished in the wardrobe ever since. Until Sunday.

I threw this cardigan on with it (also G21 from a similar time I think) for a quiet evening in playing Wii Lego Harry Potter at a friends' house.

Off for an endoscopy this afternoon, which I'm trying not to worry about too much. Boo.