Sunday, 13 May 2012

stand in the water, drown next to me..

hat + tights: primark
dress + cardigan: miss selfridge
satchel: nica // fox necklace: local boutique
A rainy weekend for camping, but never mind. Day 13 of Selina's challenge calls for a lazy day outfit, so here's one from last weekend, worn to wander into town with a list of errands to run, which I managed before getting completely waylaid in the fabric shop. I'm glad the sewing bug seems to have caught me again recently; I'm trying to make the most of this spurt of enthusiasm for it.

The dress is one I haven't worn for a long while really until recently, due to it's insanely short nature. I bought both dress and cardigan in the Miss Selfridge sale after waiting ages for them to finally be reduced - am I the only person who will go and check on this? - and I was inspired after posting about it recently to add the hat. I wore it, but I don't think I'm ever going to be one of those people who can wear a hat well. I kept having to put a hand to it as I was worried it would blow away, and had visions of it landing in the river on my way home.


  1. Every time I visit your blog it always puts a smile on my face. You always wear the cutest clothes and your Shoe Zoo makes me smile. I love the hat too! Hope you're having a good weekend Char! xxx

  2. I love the print on the dress! I can get lost for hours in my local fabric shop, it's like a maze haha. I need to get back into sewing and crafting, I haven't done any for ages!
    I think the hat looks lovely :) x

  3. You have the legs for a short dress!

  4. I always mean to ask- does that flock of shoes (hmmm, what's the collective noun for shoes?) always live in the middle of the floor? Do you ever trip over them? I'm hopeless, I trip over any obstructions!! The hat looks nice but I do know the feeling of insecurity, thinking it's going to blow away! uUsually it just ends up on the ground really close by- they're too heavy to fly really far!!

  5. my head is usually smaller than my hats so none really fit at all :(
    love the dress/cardi combo. I've not mastered that at all yet.

  6. Love this cardi, its looks v cosy! :)

  7. The dress doesn't look too short on you from my perspective, I guess you usually wear slightly longer dresses so aren't used to it. Love the tights, I've been really into grey tights for spring! More cheerful than black!

  8. I love this hat! The only hats I really wear are newsboys -- sometimes a fedora.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Loving your the backgrounds in your photos at the moment! Actual carpet of shoes :)