Wednesday, 30 May 2012

wait a minute mr postman..

postcard print dress: new look
heart pumps: irregular choice
cardigan: new look
I can hardly believe it's Wednesday already. The next couple of weeks, for me, are going to be insanely busy. Most of it is my own fault, but there isn't enough time in the day at present.

 I've not been very good at the FBlogger challenge for the last few days. I kind of cheated on Day 28, and yesterday's was a Fotd post, which really isn't my thing at all (I think I've lost count of the number of times I've mentioned that I'm really not a make-up girl at all!). Especially recently, as my skin is a total mess, so I'm afraid I gave that one a miss. Day 30 asks for pretty hair, but I don't seem to have any of that at the moment either. All the swimming I've been doing recently (not that I've been doing as much as I should be!) has really dried it out, so I'm looking for something to condition it - recommendations would be gladly received :)

Today's outfit is one of the huge amount of clothes I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday. I love this dress, and hadn't even noticed it, but apparently it's from New Look. The postcard print is so cute and I really love the heart shaped pocket and gold buttons.

I teamed it with a pair of flat Irregular Choice pumps; I was glad of them as after a bit of umming and ahhing this morning , we decided to go and see the Olympic Torch relay through town. I'd initially not been all that bothered about watching it, but after giving it some thought I figured it's unlikely I'll get chance to see another one, so why not. We managed to get a great view as well - nice and close as they passed. Has anyone else been to see it pass? 


  1. That is pretty fabric. I've not seen it in store either.

    We don't get the torch until the start of July but I will be taking Sam along to see it.


  2. Ah that dress is lovely! The torch is in our area on the 17th-18th so I'm going to watch it on the Sunday and have somehow got involved in a 'Dawn Run' on Monday morning, running along 5k with it at like 6am as it sets off south for York - must be mental! Hope we get weather like yours! xx

  3. That dress is amazing! Love it! and I think the torch is coming through my town in a couple of weeks, I'll be at work though - not that I'm particularly bothered either! xx

  4. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a special day xx

  5. I love this dress, I keep looking at it online (they still have my size) but I'm trying to be good. I want to see the olympic torch when it goes past but it's not near mine for another few weeks yet xxx

  6. Oh what a darling dress Char!!! You look lovely!
    Have you tried a leave-in conditioner at all? If I am in a hurry, I use the Charles Worthington one in the green bottle!

  7. Oh the dress is so adorable! Xo

  8. Love love this dress! Conditioner wise I just use twice the amount it says, I don't swim much but have pretty thick hair... You probably do this already but when I did swim a lot I really noticed the difference after washing my hair with specific post swim shampoo, maybe get the conditioner version? Boots one is good :)

  9. love that dress! such a brilliant print!

  10. i love that dress it look fab i love the material xx