Saturday, 30 June 2012

she wanted mary poppins and i took her to king lear..

archive print dress: laura ashley
scotty dog shoes: irregular choice
cardigan: primark
This is what I wore for an evening out with my mum a couple of weeks ago; we went for dinner and a trip to the theatre. It was rather lovely as I don't often get to spend much time on my own with her and we have booked some tickets to another play which is nearby next week - yay!

 I loved this dress for a long time before actually buying it and although I do still love it, I really felt uncomfortable in it all day - I need to try and figure out how to take in the straps and the bodice section without affecting the shape of the neckline, as I am not going to wear it again and spend all day catching sight of my underwear poking out above the neckline.

This was the first wear for these shoes (more dogs, anyone would think I was obsessed!), which again I had faniced for a while before finding a pair on ebay to add to my collection. I do tend to build up my Irregular Choice collection from ebay these days rather than from the website as I have found that recently I prefer the older styles to most of their newer offerings. I have a list of pairs which I would ideally like and every now and then I may find a pair for sale, I suppose it's more exciting that way too, leaving it down to chance.

Friday, 29 June 2012

friday favourites 015 {and giveaway}..

So another week rolls by and today all I'm wishing for is new swimwear. Since I spend most of my evenings in the pool, I think it's high time for a new one. Particularly as all my recent swimming seems have resulting in my shrinking my way out of my older costumes. I'm never going to be a bikini body. However, although I want to something practival enough to swim 100 lengths per day in, I don't think functional needs to be boring. I headed on over to the Simply Beach website to have a look and have narrowed it down to my favourites:
001: Seafolly Lola Rose swimsuit, £89
002: Red or Dead Fly By swimsuit, £60
003: Jets Classique Halter swimsuit, £140
These three costumes would fit the bill very nicely indeed - I particularly like the Red or Dead one.

Simply Beach don't just offer swimwear. Oh no. They also sell designer lingerie  - if you haven't visited them already, you should! They have been nice enough to offer me a £50 gift card for their website to giveaway. If  you'd like to be in with a chance of winning, here's how:

1. Head on over to Simply Beach.
2. Leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favourite item is on the site.
3. Leave a means of contacting you in case you win. (Email address or twitter please).
4. For an extra entry, tweet about the giveaway (something like this: "@dinoprincesschr is giving away a £50 @simplybeach voucher here: ". Make sure you include my twitter handle so I can count it.

The competition will close on Friday, 13th July at midday and is open to anybody who follows the blog. Good luck!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

i've got a hand inside my head..

shorts: clothing at tesco // leggings: primark
brid print top: clothing at tesco
raincoat: h+m
Today I'm not in a very good mood. The weather is being stupid, with floods across the county (with some very tragic consequences for a lovely lady I know) whilst also being sticky and humid. Definitely raincoat weather for some of the time.

Also quite annoyed that I finally went back to the doctors about the continuing pain in my head and the fact that my vision has been really affected this week. I didn't get a very positive reception from him; I got the feeling that he felt I was wasting his time, despite trying to explain that I'm concerned that considering I feel dizzy and seem to have trouble focussing as well as I usually do, I was worried about the potential risks to driving etc. Apparently I ought to go for an eye test. The headache was put down to a tension headache, quite common after a bump to the head apparently. I can't say that it's put me at ease, but I wasn't expecting it to, given that the only emergency appointment I could get was with a doctor I've already had cause to make a complaint about in the past. Argh. Rant over.

Hopefully will be able to swim away the tension later on and focus on exciting things. Like a holiday booked - yay!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

run run as fast as i can..

tesxtured cardigan : clothing at tesco
heart print dress: new look
camera clock pendant: gift
'Sweetie Pie' shoes in gingerbread print: ASOS
This was an outfit from last week when I couldn't wait to wear my new gingerbread shoes. I decided to wear them despite the rain and they fared ok. I was pleased with how nicely they went with this Clothing at Tesco cardigan, which I pounced on in store recently as I had a voucher or two to spend - they have some lovely things in at the moment and a sale on according to a recent email!

The dress is from quite a while ago, purchased in several different colours from New Look as I liked the style. They've done rather well and don't seem to look obviously too big for me now, despite being a couple of clothes sizes larger than I currently find myself. They can stay when I have my epic wardrobe clearout.

Off for a swim this evening and to the allotment on the way home, weather permitting. Really hoping this headache (which I can only assume is still related to the concussion) shifts soon as my eyes are starting to hurt as well. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

i've been drinking with wolves dressed up as sheep..

AwUBLkrCIAAnTaB.jpg large
giraffe knitted vest: george@asda
AwUBNdQCMAERsWZ.jpg large
cardigan: h+m // shorts: clothing at tesco
AwUA99fCQAMtg1c.jpg large
charity shop purchases
I've been really quite impressed with the recent clothes section offerings from my local supermarkets. I don't often shop in Asda for my food if I'm honest, but their G21 section is quite often worth a wander through. I saw this giraffe print vest on the website last week and decided I would have a look for it in the shop next time I was in. It's knitted, so I figured it would be good for the dreary weather which greeted me out of the window this morning.

 Due to the odd hem difference (it's a lot longer at the back, which I decided would look a bit strange with a skirt) I paired it with my trusty Clothing at Tesco shorts and then threw a cardigan over the top for added layering. Also realised that the pumps I slipped on as I was leaving need replacing, or at least throwing out, as they have a hole in them. Is there anywhere to recycle old and unwearable shoes - it seems a shame to bin them...?

Inspired by Danielle's post here I included a photo of a few things I picked up in the charity shops at the weekend. I don't recognise any of the makes, but the dress is a lovely print and I think I can alter the top section so that it fits me and looks a bit more flattering; I thought it was a good buy at £6 which I managed to haggle it down to.

The skirt is actually a funny pair of wrap-over front culottes. Any excuse to add to my ever-expanding shorts collection. And the scarf? Well, it's educational - it has plants and their names on it (as well as being cute). All fully justifiable, right?

Has anyone else had any charity shop luck recently?

Monday, 25 June 2012

gold lions gonna tell me where the light is..

striped blazer: george @ asda
car print skirt, heels: primark
vest: topshop
How was everyone's weekend? I must admit that, although I didn't seem to get enough done, mine was nice in the end. My miserable mood shifted a little, I did some extra work on Saturday and then had a lovely catch up session with a friend I hadn't seen for a couple of years. Yesterday just seemed to be a day for running errands, before finally a relaxing evening at a friends' house catching up with some of the episodes of Glee we have still to watch on her SKy+.

 After a couple of crazy weeks where every evening has been full, I'm glad to have a week of relative calm and am looking forward to some of the nice things I have planned, rather than running around to meetings every day.

Outfit quickly thrown together this morning, I finally found a blazer which hangs the way I've been wanting one to. I'm still working on the one I'm making, although should have some spare time to spend on that this week. Back to this one, though, I figured the colours would go quite nicely with those in my car print skirt. And then decided to clash a third pattern in by adding the smudge-print shoes. It's about as co-ordinated as I get, if I'm honest.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

sunday shoes 003..

'Sweetie Pie' gingerbread print shoes: ASOS
 'Ablaze' tapestry wedge: ASOS
Dalmatian print mid heels: George at Asda
This week I am letting my new shoe purchases speak for themselves. I love them all! Did anyone else take advantage of the shoe sale on ASOS this week? Or come back from grocery shopping with more things to live in the wardrobe than the kitchen? No? Just me then.

Friday, 22 June 2012

lost my seat again, where i'll go i'll go..

vest + heels: primark
sequin jacket: clothing at tesco
floral skirt: zara (via ebay)
Every time I wear this skirt I think I hate it, put it in the 'get rid' pile and somehow it creeps it's way back out again and back into the skirt rail. I'm not sure how it does it, perhaps my house is haunted. I'm also not sure what it is I hate about it, the fit or something, I just don't feel quite right in it. Anyone else have clothes like that?

But other than that, I love the jacket and the way the vest matched the shoes pretty well. I love a bit of mustard. And sequins during the day are a must, right?

Happy weekend all. I've had a sad day and am not feeling very wordy - sorry about that. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

oasap giveaway..

I had an email which I thought I ought to share with everyone. Those folks over at OASAP are running a giveaway. They are offering 152 prizes, and to enter all you have to do is click on the link below and follow these steps:

  1. (Create and) sign into your OASAP account. 
  2. Once you've signed in, choose your size and vote for your favourite item of the giveaway.
  3. You can choose up to three items and vote for each of them. 
  4. Winners will be selected at random and contacted by email
  5. The closing date for the giveaway is 10th July 2012, so you have plenty of time to get voting!
Click here to enter the giveaway. These are the three silk dresses which get my votes. Let me know which ones you choose!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

i do hope that doggy's for sale..

metallic top: clothing at tesco
black heels: primark
dog print pencil skirt: h! by henry holland
Gosh, I seem to be in such a rush recently. Can hardly believe it's Wednesday already. Eep. I've had a lovely start to the week, though. Last night I headed out to the theatre with my mum: we saw Murder on the Nile, an Agatha Christie play, which was really enjoyable. (Despite the loud woman behind us telling everyone in one of the scene breaks that she'd read in the paper's review that there is a big gunshot soon and everyone in the audience jumped. Which sort of ruined the effect of the loud gunshot which happened shortly afterwards.)

Also, things which are making me smile this week (I thought I'd best make a list as I'm still feeling the after-effects of the concussion I think - head still hurting) :
  • I've ordered two new pairs of shoes from the ASOS sale! 
  • Meeting up on Friday with one of the girls I used to work with but haven't seen for about two years. 
  • This dog print skirt (which I've been lusting after for an AGE) was a total bargain on ebay and as good as I'd hoped.
  • I'm getting into the first season of Mad Men, and have another three to watch after that.
  • I have a date in the diary for my next sewing lesson, and have plenty of sewing inspiration. 
  • Booking places to take the guides camping to Alton Towers - eek!
  • Off to pick up a new tent this evening.
  • I'm having a look at learning to do quilting, so that I can get involved with Project Linus.
That's a lot of things to make me smile, right? Never mind the headache. Or the fact that I'm really not loving this top - it's supposed to be a size 8 and it looks like a shapeless sack. I don't think that will be on the 'wear again' pile.

 I'm off to swim, and then to play some silly games with the Rangers.

Monday, 18 June 2012

it's so fluffy i'm gonna die...

cardigan: river island
zebra dress: peacocks
mustard bag: river island
heels: primark

On Saturday morning Little Sis and I popped into town to buy some housewarming presents for Other Sister, who has just bought her first house. Whilst we were on our way to New Look as Little Sis wanted to look in the sale for a new top, something caught her eye in the window of Peacocks and we went in. And boy, was I glad we did, as I beelined towards this tobacco coloured dress with prints of tiny zebra on it. I made an excited noise (reminiscent of the girl in Despicable Me with the new unicorn) and refused to leave without it.

Yesterday evening I wore it to go to the cinema, after tea at Nando's (where I hadn't been before). I thought this cardigan would go quite well to pick out the colours in the tiny print, and added these mustard shoes and the bag because I love them both.

I was sleepy (due to the 4am wake up with Le Mans on in the background, as there was a lot happening in the early hours!) but actually managed to stay awake through the whole of the film, which is unusual for me! We saw Prometheus and I found it a little bit jumpy in places, a little bit maddening (I'm not sure I believe that anyone would be able to move about as quickly or as much as Ellie could, directly after her surgical procedure, but I guess that's spaceships for you) and I did my usual trick of trying to figure out who an actor plays when I've only ever heard of his name (Michael Fassbender) - totally did not realise which guy he was until the end credits. Also don't see what all the fuss is about re: him, but each to their own I suppose.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

sunday shoes 002..

shoes: irregular choice

My second pair of shoes in the new feature, are a pair of Irregular Choice. Ordinarily, I would say I'm not a kitten heels fan. But I do have a few pairs, all in the same style, but different colours and finishes, from Irregular Choice, which I make an exception for.

I felt they matched this Primark ensemble rather well. I've spent most of my weekend running errands and trying to catch up on things like my reading pile, whilst watching Le Mans 24hrs in the background, so the skirt is rather fitting...well, kind of.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

birds and blossoms..


Recently, Zoe from Girl in a Teeny Town got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out one of the ribbon bookmarks she sells over at Birds and Blossoms.Being as how I'm always halfway through about five different books at a time, and can never remember where I've got to, I must admit I jumped at the chance.

My cute little parcel arrived ever so delicately wrapped and is very pretty, as you can see. I received a purple sparkly ribbon bookmark, in the 'Birds and Blossoms' design, which features a swallow charm and a rose one.

I started using it straight away and it's been really good. I suppose the charms work to weight it down and keep it in place in the book, as there have been no problems with losing it out of the book when it's been in my handbag (which sometimes happens with regular paper bookmarks). It seems very well-made and neither of the charms are at all loose.

I think these bookmarks are a total bargain at £2 each, and if you have a look at Zoe's site you can see she has 5 designs in stock at the moment. Postage to the UK is just £1 (or £3 outside of the UK) which I think is very reasonable. I'm definitely going to order some more as I think they will make lovely little presents.

Friday, 15 June 2012

are you gone and on to someone new?

swan print blouse: asos (gift)
skirt: matalan
shoes: primark

A quick outfit post today, although I actually wore this yesterday, I was thrilled to receive this swan print blouse for my birthday and as it's quite oversized (I think it's meant to be, although I could probably have done with a couple of sizes down, but my friend didn't know that!) I didn't want anything too floaty on the bottom half.

This, the latest addition to my pencil skirt collection, certainly isn't floaty. I like it, although with it being so bright and quite tight, I spent most of the day trying to hide as I felt a bit self-conscious. I'm not sure if it should have been a size bigger, as I'm worried it looks too figure-hugging.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post - I went to the docs about the headache (which is still going strong) and it sounds as though I probably have a minor concussion. He didn't seem particularly bothered to be honest; I'm hoping it doesn't last much longer. I went swimming last night and ended up feeling quite ill.

Also, you still have a couple of days to head on over and visit Eloise at her new blog and enter her 1000 follower giveaway. Go on, do it now...!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will..

cardigan: tu clothing // heels: primark
houndstooth skirt: matalan
dog print top: primark (gift)
Well the title was primarily to refer to the print on the top, but I think could equally apply to the state of my face at the moment. I don't imagine a weekend of guide camp, where much cake was consumed, particularly helped it's appearance very much, but I feel like a total mess.

Camp, on the whole, was a grand success. Friday night was particularly windy, to a point where I was lying in my sleeping bag wondering if the tents would still be up in the morning, but being too scared to go out and check. Thankfully, with the exception of one toilet tent, which we relocated after it fell down for the third time in ten minutes, everything stayed in place.

We had no rain, plenty of cake, and no disasters. Only a few things forgotten (tea bags, a jug for juice) and only one injury, which was me. I managed to misjudge the height of a metal gate I was climbing over, was not paying attention to it as I was walking through a field of cows with a girl who has a phobia of animals, so my gaze was on her as I launched myself up and forward in an attempt to get over the gate. I instead managed to hit the top bar into the bridge of my nose, which brought tears to my eyes. That was Saturday, and as it's now Wednesday and the headachey dizziness hasn't shifted yet, I'm off to the doctors' this afternoon. 

 When I wore this combination on Monday I was told I looked very business-like(!) which isn't something I ever particularly feel in my outfits. I admit that sometimes I do try to 'smarten up' for certain occasions, but generally wouldn't say I was one for typical officewear.

Mid-way through a rather busy week. I have something guiding-related on every evening this week. Guides was fun on Monday as we made flowers to decorate the county float for the Royal Visit coming to us next month. Last night a District meeting to plan out end of term event. This evening is a PR meeting, tomorrow a camp committee meeting for the Scout/Guide camp this summer and on Friday kayaking with the Rangers. Eek! How do I get drawn into all of these things. I'm not really moaning though; I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it all. And most of it counts towards my Queen's Guide award, which is looking more and more attainable.

Wow, much more wordy than usual. How is your week?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

how much is that doggy in the window..?

sequin top: matalan
dog print shorts: c/o OASAP
mouse ring: c/o OASAP
Recently I've seen a few posts on other blogs featuring a site I hadn't heard of before, OASAP. Inquisitive nature got the better of me and I found myself signing up to be part of their  Fashion Hunter program.

For my first order, I chose to make a couple of new additions to my wardrobe zoo, with this pair of green dog printed shorts and this cute little mouse ring. I found it hard to narrow it down, to be honest; my wishlist on the site is getting longer and longer all the time - there seems to be a huge range of clothes and accessories on there.

My only reservation about the shorts, before ordering, was that they are sold as 'one size', which made me worry they were not going to fit me. But after a bit of thought, I decided to try my luck and placed the order. I was really impressed that the parcel arrived within a few days of ordering - much sooner than I expected, and also that OASAP offer free delivery on all orders, since shipping costs are what put me off shopping with so many other online retaliers.

I was happy when they arrived; the mouse ring is ever so cute; after a day of wear I am pleased to report there were no marks on my fingers or tarnish to the ring's surface. The waistband of the shorts is heavily elasticated, so I needn't have worried about the sizing. They are a lovely thick material, and I can see them becoming a definite wardrobe staple when the weather picks up.

Anyone else had any experience of shopping with OASAP? I'm impressed.