Friday, 8 June 2012

friday favourites 014..

001: zebra intasaria jumper
002: flamingo print dress
This rarely happens, but today both oy my 'wishes' are from Dorothy Perkins. Also they would both make fabulous additions to the wardrobe zoo!

001:This pretty zebra print jumper would be perfect over a pair of skinny jeans (I actually do own some now!) or even a dress, right. Although there may be little sense in a jumper which has no sleeves (I can hear my mum telling pointing this out to me in my head), this is too cute to care about that, right?

002: A flamingo print dress! Ok, I admit, my wardrobe isn't lacking in that department, I may have *ahem* three dresses with flamingoes on them. But this is still really cute and keeps grabbing my attention each time I hover over the DP site.

I have no idea what my pictures are playing at, being so small - sorry.

What's on your wishlist this week?

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