Monday, 25 June 2012

gold lions gonna tell me where the light is..

striped blazer: george @ asda
car print skirt, heels: primark
vest: topshop
How was everyone's weekend? I must admit that, although I didn't seem to get enough done, mine was nice in the end. My miserable mood shifted a little, I did some extra work on Saturday and then had a lovely catch up session with a friend I hadn't seen for a couple of years. Yesterday just seemed to be a day for running errands, before finally a relaxing evening at a friends' house catching up with some of the episodes of Glee we have still to watch on her SKy+.

 After a couple of crazy weeks where every evening has been full, I'm glad to have a week of relative calm and am looking forward to some of the nice things I have planned, rather than running around to meetings every day.

Outfit quickly thrown together this morning, I finally found a blazer which hangs the way I've been wanting one to. I'm still working on the one I'm making, although should have some spare time to spend on that this week. Back to this one, though, I figured the colours would go quite nicely with those in my car print skirt. And then decided to clash a third pattern in by adding the smudge-print shoes. It's about as co-ordinated as I get, if I'm honest.


  1. Oooh, I like that blazer- nice nad bright!

  2. You (and Sophie cdgn) wear clashing prints so well. I just can't do it. You looks stylish, I look mismatched.


  3. Ah stripey blazer, loving it! :)

  4. Great look. I'd love to see the blazer you're working on when it's finished :) x

  5. Love the stripey blazer - definitely good for this inbetween-y weather we are having! I am very impressed that you are making one! Can't wait to see =)

  6. I love the car print skirt, I tried it on, but it was far too long for me xxx