Wednesday, 20 June 2012

i do hope that doggy's for sale..

metallic top: clothing at tesco
black heels: primark
dog print pencil skirt: h! by henry holland
Gosh, I seem to be in such a rush recently. Can hardly believe it's Wednesday already. Eep. I've had a lovely start to the week, though. Last night I headed out to the theatre with my mum: we saw Murder on the Nile, an Agatha Christie play, which was really enjoyable. (Despite the loud woman behind us telling everyone in one of the scene breaks that she'd read in the paper's review that there is a big gunshot soon and everyone in the audience jumped. Which sort of ruined the effect of the loud gunshot which happened shortly afterwards.)

Also, things which are making me smile this week (I thought I'd best make a list as I'm still feeling the after-effects of the concussion I think - head still hurting) :
  • I've ordered two new pairs of shoes from the ASOS sale! 
  • Meeting up on Friday with one of the girls I used to work with but haven't seen for about two years. 
  • This dog print skirt (which I've been lusting after for an AGE) was a total bargain on ebay and as good as I'd hoped.
  • I'm getting into the first season of Mad Men, and have another three to watch after that.
  • I have a date in the diary for my next sewing lesson, and have plenty of sewing inspiration. 
  • Booking places to take the guides camping to Alton Towers - eek!
  • Off to pick up a new tent this evening.
  • I'm having a look at learning to do quilting, so that I can get involved with Project Linus.
That's a lot of things to make me smile, right? Never mind the headache. Or the fact that I'm really not loving this top - it's supposed to be a size 8 and it looks like a shapeless sack. I don't think that will be on the 'wear again' pile.

 I'm off to swim, and then to play some silly games with the Rangers.


  1. I wish I had the patience to hunt down things I really wanted on ebay!

  2. Super duper skirt! I like tops in all shapes and sizes, so I can draw from a complete variety x

  3. Another great outfit =)
    You're 'things to make me smile' list made ME smile, brilliant plans!

  4. That skirt is AMAZING, I am very jealous!

    Maria xxx

  5. Ooh I love the skirt. I really like animal prints so this is right up my street! I hope your concussion's a lot better now xxx