Wednesday, 13 June 2012

if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will..

cardigan: tu clothing // heels: primark
houndstooth skirt: matalan
dog print top: primark (gift)
Well the title was primarily to refer to the print on the top, but I think could equally apply to the state of my face at the moment. I don't imagine a weekend of guide camp, where much cake was consumed, particularly helped it's appearance very much, but I feel like a total mess.

Camp, on the whole, was a grand success. Friday night was particularly windy, to a point where I was lying in my sleeping bag wondering if the tents would still be up in the morning, but being too scared to go out and check. Thankfully, with the exception of one toilet tent, which we relocated after it fell down for the third time in ten minutes, everything stayed in place.

We had no rain, plenty of cake, and no disasters. Only a few things forgotten (tea bags, a jug for juice) and only one injury, which was me. I managed to misjudge the height of a metal gate I was climbing over, was not paying attention to it as I was walking through a field of cows with a girl who has a phobia of animals, so my gaze was on her as I launched myself up and forward in an attempt to get over the gate. I instead managed to hit the top bar into the bridge of my nose, which brought tears to my eyes. That was Saturday, and as it's now Wednesday and the headachey dizziness hasn't shifted yet, I'm off to the doctors' this afternoon. 

 When I wore this combination on Monday I was told I looked very business-like(!) which isn't something I ever particularly feel in my outfits. I admit that sometimes I do try to 'smarten up' for certain occasions, but generally wouldn't say I was one for typical officewear.

Mid-way through a rather busy week. I have something guiding-related on every evening this week. Guides was fun on Monday as we made flowers to decorate the county float for the Royal Visit coming to us next month. Last night a District meeting to plan out end of term event. This evening is a PR meeting, tomorrow a camp committee meeting for the Scout/Guide camp this summer and on Friday kayaking with the Rangers. Eek! How do I get drawn into all of these things. I'm not really moaning though; I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it all. And most of it counts towards my Queen's Guide award, which is looking more and more attainable.

Wow, much more wordy than usual. How is your week?


  1. Sounds like you've been a busy bee! I love the top, may have to have a look for it myself, like you I love anything with animals on, I've just got a skirt from H&M with leopards on, can't wait to wear it xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. It made me go ouch just reading about it.

    X x

  3. I was thinking, "Wow, Char wrote lots today!" Hope your nose is ok, you might have broken it :-{ You look pretty!

  4. Such a cute top Char! Loved your book review on Alex's site. xx

  5. Omg your zoo wardrobe amazes me that top is amazing! Xx

  6. Youch, I hope you're ok. Walking through a cow field is a serious no-go in my book after some nasty escapades.

  7. I love the doggy top! The whole outfit is great and does look very smart.
    I hope you feel better soon! I dont envy you being in a tent last weekend, you must be brave! Xx

  8. Another day, another amazing print item in your wardrobe that I really want.
    Hope your nose is OK! xx

  9. Well when there is an abundance of cake everything is good! Love the dog print :)

    Karys x

  10. love your outfit x so cute
    hope your feeling okay x

    Natali xox