Monday, 18 June 2012

it's so fluffy i'm gonna die...

cardigan: river island
zebra dress: peacocks
mustard bag: river island
heels: primark

On Saturday morning Little Sis and I popped into town to buy some housewarming presents for Other Sister, who has just bought her first house. Whilst we were on our way to New Look as Little Sis wanted to look in the sale for a new top, something caught her eye in the window of Peacocks and we went in. And boy, was I glad we did, as I beelined towards this tobacco coloured dress with prints of tiny zebra on it. I made an excited noise (reminiscent of the girl in Despicable Me with the new unicorn) and refused to leave without it.

Yesterday evening I wore it to go to the cinema, after tea at Nando's (where I hadn't been before). I thought this cardigan would go quite well to pick out the colours in the tiny print, and added these mustard shoes and the bag because I love them both.

I was sleepy (due to the 4am wake up with Le Mans on in the background, as there was a lot happening in the early hours!) but actually managed to stay awake through the whole of the film, which is unusual for me! We saw Prometheus and I found it a little bit jumpy in places, a little bit maddening (I'm not sure I believe that anyone would be able to move about as quickly or as much as Ellie could, directly after her surgical procedure, but I guess that's spaceships for you) and I did my usual trick of trying to figure out who an actor plays when I've only ever heard of his name (Michael Fassbender) - totally did not realise which guy he was until the end credits. Also don't see what all the fuss is about re: him, but each to their own I suppose.


  1. I have to admit to being a total Fassbender fan, mainly because of the Devil's Whore (you must watch if you haven't already). I am absolutely in love with this dress, and love the combination of teal and tobacco colours- so perfect!


  2. Love that dress, such an unusual colour. I didn't much like Prometheus, but I think I mis-read the write up as I'm not much into sci-fi thrillers.

  3. It's cute! I was looking in Primark earlier and there were so many Char prints! I just kept thinking of you! I almost bought a cute little dog print dress with a collar! What is Le mans?
    Oh and I like the mess in the background, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one with a messy house!!!

  4. This dress is amazing. I wish I had a peacocks as I need this in my life

  5. Just popping by to say hi - I am your partner in the 'Jar of Love Swap'.

    P.S The dress is fab - love the colour!

    Estelle xx

  6. I would love to own my own place, lucky sis at least you two can go crash at hers. Oh I love this combo, that dress is super cute loving the print. x

  7. my mum bought me this dress after i'd been really ill for the last week or soim yet to wear it out in public yet but i utterly adore the print! and it also looks lovely on you :)


  8. LOVE this dress what an adorable print :)