Thursday, 28 June 2012

i've got a hand inside my head..

shorts: clothing at tesco // leggings: primark
brid print top: clothing at tesco
raincoat: h+m
Today I'm not in a very good mood. The weather is being stupid, with floods across the county (with some very tragic consequences for a lovely lady I know) whilst also being sticky and humid. Definitely raincoat weather for some of the time.

Also quite annoyed that I finally went back to the doctors about the continuing pain in my head and the fact that my vision has been really affected this week. I didn't get a very positive reception from him; I got the feeling that he felt I was wasting his time, despite trying to explain that I'm concerned that considering I feel dizzy and seem to have trouble focussing as well as I usually do, I was worried about the potential risks to driving etc. Apparently I ought to go for an eye test. The headache was put down to a tension headache, quite common after a bump to the head apparently. I can't say that it's put me at ease, but I wasn't expecting it to, given that the only emergency appointment I could get was with a doctor I've already had cause to make a complaint about in the past. Argh. Rant over.

Hopefully will be able to swim away the tension later on and focus on exciting things. Like a holiday booked - yay!


  1. No shoes?

    I'm addicted to Tesco at the moment. Their sale is so good. I've bought 3 cardigans, 3 tops and a skirt for about £40.

    Make sure you look after yourself today.


  2. Take care Char, I do worry about you.

  3. I absolutely love the print of your top.
    I would go get checked again. Sounds like more than just a tension headache. I don't wanna worry you but it is better to be safe than sorry. Hope you feel better. I wish I lived closer so I could bring you round hot chocolate and a cuddle.

  4. It may sound obvious but do you wear glasses? Most people I know who've had recurring headaches end up with glasses! I find this kind of weather gives me a headache too.
    I hope the lady you mentioned who was affected by the floods hasn't had anything really terrible happen, I couldn't believe how bad the weather was today! But then it was ridiculously hot and sunny at about 4pm!
    On a brighter note, how cute is the print on your top? I was in Tesco today and had to force myself away from the clothes!

  5. had to come and check out the new purchase you mentioned in your letter. LOVE the top. amazing. There isn't a Tesco clothing near me but they do have nice things, don't they!
    I love that raincoat so much, missed out on it at the time and it always sells for too much on ebay, such a shame!

    Definitely reckon you ought to have an eyetest x