Saturday, 14 July 2012

all of your love, was all that i needed..

shorts: clothing at tesco
owl print shirt: zara (gift)
brogues: henry holland

If you'd looked at my outfits from a year ago, you'd probably have been right in thinking that I was never really a shorts wearer. Or a blouses wearer for that matter.

How things change, as today's outfit is now fairly typical of the kind of thing I would wear for a normal day.

Anyone else find themselves wearing something they never thought they would?


  1. I love that blouse, great print. Zara is excellent but I have to avoid going in there for fear of spending too much!

    Karys x

  2. Owl print blouse...amazing! xo

  3. the blouse is dreamy, i just love it. I find today I have bought a pleated midi skirt. I do hope I'll wear it!

  4. Yes, lots of things - especially anything that's fashionable. I was always one of the the geeks at school and it has taken me years upon years to shed that way of thinking about myself and allowing myself to wear fashionable clothes, but there are still things I'd like to dare try - I don't have any shorts like these for example xx

  5. I LOVE this entire outfit, especially that beautiful blouse! I am constantly changing what I will 'never wear', I guess blogging makes you push the boundaries!

    Maria xxx

  6. love that blouse! and yes, i used to be such a tomboy that i find it really weird that i now live in skirts and dresses xxx

  7. Lovely print on the blouse. Yeah I wore a skort the other day, never thought that would happen!