Monday, 16 July 2012

can't have your cake and eat it too..

skirt: forever 21
cake print blouse: ASOS
heels: primark
Directions for today's outfit:
Take an old favourite pair of shoes, and a new favourite blouse. Add a not-really-sure-about-it skirt. Mix together, take some photos and leave the house.

I really really like this blouse. I have been tempted by it for quite a while and completely fell for it last weekend in Bham when I saw Sarah wearing it. The print is so cheerful, and it was a total bargain in the ASOS sale.

 Still suffering with my cold, and not sure there is enough time in the week to even write out the list of things I need to do before I go to camp at the weekend, let alone finding the time to actually get them all done, but somehow I'll manage. I always seem to panic and then find that everything gets done in the end.

In happier news, I dug up the first of my new potatoes at the allotment on Saturday morning (take that, annoying woman who was trying to get me to give my plot up!) and I spent most of yesterday teaching kids how to use a sewing machine to make plate bags for camp, which was rather rewarding, as well as supervising them putting up one of the tents I've acquired recently for the Rangers and being super pleased at what fabulouse condition it seems to be in!

PS. The winner of my Simply Beach giveaway is 'The Girl'. Please contact me by Wednesday so I can get the prize to you, as I don't have a way to reach you. Thank you to everyone who entered.


  1. Love, love, love your shirt!!

  2. I really wanted that blouse but had NO idea how to style it. It looks fabulous on you xo

  3. Ha ha to meany allotment woman! Mad blouse!

  4. LOVE this blouse on you, it looks amazing!

    Maria xxx

  5. I have this blouse! I got it last week for a bargain price after wanting it for ages. I haven't worn it yet though. X

  6. I was going to buy this blouse but couldnt figure out what size to get it in (i am very narrow shouldered) also it looked abit see-thru! what are your opinions? ive gotta admit, seeing it on you makes me think SOD it im buying it anyways!! but if you could tell me whether it comes up big/small/seethrough etc? thatd be a massive help!

    im a new reader by the way and i LOVE this blog, just stalked through about 5months of posts! im definitly adding it to my reader list :-)

    1. Oh hi, and thank you so much for following!
      I'd say it was pretty true to size. I went for a size larger than I would in the shops, mainly because I prefer my blouses to come up too loose rather than too tight, and it's a little loose on me, which I'd expect from a size up. It's a bit sheer, but not too bad unless someone is right up close. You could always wear a vest under it, there are so many colours in the print that almost anything would go - it's so pretty, so I'd definitely say get it !:) X

  7. DONE!!! i just ordered it, now i just have to sit and wait patiently for it to arrive!! thanks for the advice... i shall post a pic of it in tribute to you, when it comes. haha :-) x