Tuesday, 3 July 2012

forever her soul will be a swan, until she feels the love..

swan print blouse: asos // cardi: h+m
shorts: clothing at tesco
I still seem to be catching up with outfit photos from a week or so ago, which is a good thing as I didn't take any photos of today's due to not feeling good in myself. I feel like that a lot recently. I just feel like I get dressed in the morning and then spend the day feeling as though I hate all of my clothes. Well, that's not entirely true. I hate the way they look on me. I don't seem to have anything which I put on anymore and immediately feel good in.

This blouse was one of the items on my perpetual wishlist for an absolute age. I was surprised by it for my birthday as I'd thought it had sold out whilst I was doing my shopping ban. I really love the swan print (although some people think they look like flamingoes) and thought that after it's first outing with a smart pencil skirt, I could also try dressing it down for a day of errands in town and then tea with a friend.


  1. I think we all go through periods of loathing the clothes we have on.

    It is a lovely shirt. I agree that its quite versatile. Fab present!


  2. I love this shirt, i also really admire how individual your sense of style is!