Friday, 20 July 2012

friday favourites 016..

001: Daisy print shirt dress, £12, ASOS
002: home sweet home necklace, £12, ASOS
Today I'm feeling a little bit down in the dumps, if I'm honest. I've had a lot to organise and keep going recently, and sometimes I find that when I stop everything catches up with me and I get overwhelmed. Yesterday, I managed to let my emotions get the better of me and subsequently spent most of the evening doing nothing but cry, sleep and hide under a blanket. Meh.

 So, no outfit post today, but I'm cheering myself up by creating a little shopping list. I really love ASOS recently, both of today's wants are from there.

001: This daisy print dress seems really cheerful and I've been watching this with the intention of adding it to my wardrobe soon enough. I think I will do now that it's down to just £12 in the sale!

002: I've really wanted a dolls house necklace like this since seeing the one Charlene posted on her blog here - and that was an absoluta AGE ago, so this one is definitely making it into my online basket!

What have you been ordering this week?


  1. that dress is so cheerful, I love it. Cannot fail to induce a smile x

  2. Oooh, daisy dress! No, do not tempt me to talk about ordering! I must not, can not, shall not shop!

  3. I love those especially the dress I hope your feeling ok big hugs from me if you need them xx

  4. That daisy print dress is so cute and cheerful. Hope you feel happier soon - hopefully the smarties cookies helped :) x

  5. Aah, I love that blue floral dress! So summer and pretty! <3 Your blog is so lovely. I also love the design and the header is so cute! <3 Greet from Indonesia :D

    ps: i just looking for some new blogger friends. may be you want to come to my blog and just chat? i'd love to hear your reply! xx

  6. i most certainly want this dress. i hope it somehow magically appears in my wardrobe.
    sending you big big hugs too.xx