Wednesday, 4 July 2012

one day is fine the next is black..

dress: primark
cardigan: dorothy perkins
shoes: ASOS (via ebay)
I won and featured these shoes a little while ago in one of my Sunday Shoes posts, although I didn't actually get around to wearing them until last week. I thought why not clash their crazy pattern with some other yellowish things.

I'm considering investing in a new camera - seince dropping mine several times recently it seems to be performing less than perfectly. Any suggestions for a simple one - I'm not likely to become your typical DSLR 'fashblogger' anytime soon.

12 points to anyone who understands the reasoning behind today's title - sometimes I think I can be kinda clever. And there is still plenty of time to enter my giveaway.


  1. The Clash! Clashing patterns! Ooh, can I have my 12 points please?!


  2. hurrah for lots of yellow! You look lovely x

  3. You look amazing! You always do! I've been wondering how how tall you are. All of your dresses seem to be the perfect length. At 5'4 I seem to really struggle, midi is often oddly long and the regular lengths often seem too short!