Friday, 13 July 2012

trains and boats and planes..

cat bag: matalan // bunting necklace: dorothy perkins (gift from someone lovely!)
cardsigan: new look
boats and whales print dress: bay trading

A sunny day outfit from a little while ago now. (Clearly not this week!!). I was so excited by the cute little cat handbag I'd found in Matalan that I couldn't wait to take it around everywhere with me.

This dress has a bit of a funny story behind it. I saw it in the shop window of Bay Trading in Llandudno when I was there with a friend. However, we had only popped out for coffee or something and didn't have much money with us, so resolved to go back the next day to get it. When we did, we found the shop was empty and closed up and a sign on the door to say they'd gone into administration and had shut that store down - I was gutted!

Thankfully, I called around the local stores when I got back and they did have one, were still open and held onto it for me, so I did manage to get my hands on it after all alhough I had to settle for a size too big. Then a month or so ago, I came across one in my current size on ebay, won it and then sold on my original one. Which saved any bother of trying to re-size it to fit. I'm glad I ended up with one anyway as I do really like the boats / whales print (should have done a close-up!) but it's definitely sunny weather attire.

Hope everyone has nice weekend plans. I'm off for a sewing lesson this evening, which will be good, but I'm filled with an overwhelming sadness and feeling of self-loathing due to the way someone I cared about has been treating me lately. Going to try hard not to let it affect my weekend as I have a lot to do.

I saw some of the allotment people last night and one of them asked me if I would be happy to consider giving up my plot because I've not done much with it, and they are therefore assuming I don't want it. Which made me feel like crap as well. I took it on because I wanted to do something enjoyable, not to get "told off" for not being there often enough.                     


  1. Some people are so rude. Tell them your leaving it fallow!


  2. Wow, you definitely were lucky with the dress. It is gorgeous though!

  3. I am a little bit beside myself with the cat bag.

    That allotment stuff is outrageous. It's yours you can do with it whatever you choose. Tell them your building a natural habitat and you are observing it for environmental purposes.

  4. Yay!
    My Matalan does not have the cat bag :-(
    I used to buy loads from Bay x

  5. Oh Char, I'm sorry you are feeling wretched. That's pretty mean of the Allotment people- I hope you said that you were just beginning and to give you a chance. And boo to the other person!
    You look beautiful by the way- such a lovely outfit! I am making a bunting necklace!

  6. Love the bag, sadly don't get to Matalan now because there's a building site in it's way and hard for me to get access. The bag is online, but not really seen anything else worth picking up p&p wise! Dress is very pretty too, when I first started reading I thought to myself 'surely Bay Trading aren't still on the go?', you answered my question!