Thursday, 16 August 2012

and i'm stuck in the meantime..

cardigan: primark
dress: dorothy perkins (via ebay)
heels: irregular choice
collar necklace: topshop
As you can see here, Hazel is doing well with her Only Once August challenge, which I'm linking today's outfit to, for the dress, shoes and cardi anyway.
I dug this dress out of the wardrobe because it's one of those which always seems to get overlooked. It's true, I have similar items and more often than not this one will just remind me of something similar, which I'll wear instead. But today I figured I can't keep doing that; it needs to be worn or give up it's valuable space on the rail!

The shoes are a pair of old favourites, which I went through a phase of wearing quite often, but seem to have fallen out of favour with me recently. But I wanted something to go with the grey pattern of this cardigan, which I have been holding onto for years, but went through a phase of not wearing. Mainly because for some reason it has the tightest cuffs in the world. Like, ridiculously so. 

I  am trying hard to be strong today, but I want more than anything to melt down into a heap of tears. I made a rather sad discovery yesterday and now I have that panicky anxiety feeling and it's not much fun. I'm entirely to blame, but knowing that doesn't make the whole situation any easier, or less painful. But someone once told me that if you start off by pretending to be ok, sooner or later you will find you don't need to pretend any more. I hope that's true.

I wore the collar necklace again, but I still don't quite like the way it sits on me. I'm going to pop it into my blog sale page if anyone is interested.


  1. Love this outfit! You look great :) x


  2. That's a gorgeous frock, perfect with the collar and shoes. What a shame you don't wear it more!
    It is definitely mind over matter, occupy yourself with some sewing or gardening and keep busy. Things will feel better and are never as bad as they seem, honest! xxx

  3. Awww, you look fabulous! Really hope your feeling in better spirits soon xx

  4. Aw, I hope you're ok Char. Keep your chin up and think positive :)

    On a positive note, the dress is ever so pretty and looks great with the collar - presenting a sunny front like that helps with the initial charade of being ok. I had that cardi too and it DID have ridiculously tight cuffs. And oddly loose button holes as I remember.

  5. I am in love with your dress.
    I hope you're feeling a bit better, remember you can talk to me anytime <3

  6. Oh Char, hope you are ok x Will pray, whatever it is!
    You look beautiful in this dress by the way x

  7. lovely dress!