Saturday, 11 August 2012

and it was not your fault but mine..

heels: primark
skirt and top: new look

Still vaguely inkeeping with the Only Once August challenge, although when it comes to shoes I have totally failed. I think I've worn these heels four times in the last two weeks, I just love them so. They're beginning to wear out and I'm not really sure where I'll be able to find something similar enough to replace them with. Argh.

The skirt and the top definitely count towards the challenge. It must have been an age since I wore them, because when I last wore the skirt it sat on my waist, and now it site on my hips. Woop. I do sort of like it, but wonder if the fact it's a little big makes it look like I have a giant bum.

The tshirt can stay, I'm not one for tight tops really anyway, and a plain tee is always a useful wardrobe staple.


  1. nice outfit, you look great :) xxx

  2. I love the skirt. It's really cute.

    I have a really similar pair of shoes that I bought recently from New Look. Probably be worth a look.


  3. Lady you are looking well toned! Your legs look killer in these heels, I do love polka dots x

  4. love your polka dot skirt, so cute x

  5. Love the polka dot skirt, your legs look amazing in those heels!

  6. You are looking amazing! Those shoes are killer, and the polka dot skirt is a winner everytime! :) xx

  7. I really like the skirt, I don't think it makes you look big bottomed at all. The bright with the monochrome works really well - I love this combination.
    So sad when you lose a beloved pair of shoes...

  8. oh is this in your office? ;)
    Amazing outfit!!