Monday, 20 August 2012

Davy Crockett, Peter Pan, Elvis Presley, Disneyland..

deer print dress: zara
crocodile ring : c/o OASAP
boots: primark

So, this weekend it was fairly easy to keep going with outfits which would fit in with Hazel's Only Once August challenge. Mainly because I was in Wales at the beach house so I had a whole other (neglected) wardrobe to wear. I don't go very often so most of those clothes get worn very rarely.

This is my scruffy Friday evening outfit. I'd been to work, then swimming, and then stopped at home on the way to Wales to pick up the parcel I knew ASOS had left in my corridor, as I didn't want it sitting there on the doormat for the weekend, and decided to change into something a bit more comfortable and rain-appropriate for the journey up there.

I usually hate flat ankle boots and dresses together as I think they make my calves look chubby, but I seemed to be in a 'don't really care' mood and threw them on anyway. I was rather in a good mood as when I purchased this dress, ( a couple of years ago) I did so from the Zara sale in a rush and didn't try it on, and when I got home I discovered it was too tight around my thighs and hips for me to ever want to wear it. Which was a shame as I loved the print so much. Hence my excitement when I put it on and realised it's now ok to leave the house in. Yay, deer!

The crocodile ring arrived last week c/o OASAP. I really like some of their jewellery; it's very affordable.


  1. yay deer print <3 I think the dress works well with the boots! xx

  2. Love the dress and the boots together :)

  3. That ring is to die for. I am now going to peruse their website.


  4. that dress is so different, I love it! Hurrah that you can wear it x

  5. this title says it all. you made me smile today!

  6. Such a cute dress!
    Love the print and I love that ring xx

  7. I LOVE the print on the dress :)

  8. I love your ring! Fabulous!!


  9. the croc ring is brilliant!