Friday, 24 August 2012

friday favourites 020..

001: Sally Coat, £269, Damsel in a Dress
002: Eley Kishimoto fox tights, £99, ASOS
With the weeather doing what it does best when a Bank Holiday approaches, my thoughts have turned to my autumn wardrobe, and this week's wishlist is a couple of things which have stolen my heart and need to be a part of my life when the weather turns colder!

001: How lovely is this coat? I've only recently discovered Damsel in a Dress,but can say that they have some lovely pieces on there. Since I no longer seem to have any winter coats which actually fit me, I'm going to sell some of my old ones (blog sale, anyone?) and put the money towards this beauty. The only dilemma is which colour to get it. The blue is lovely, although I think I like the green best at the moment.

002: How well would these fox print tights fit in with the wardrobe zoo? Honestly, if I had these to keep my legs warm in the winter, I'd probably never take them off - I love them! I think they would look fab with some flat ankle boots.

What are you wishing for this week? Has the weather got you wanting autumn to arrive?


  1. ooh i love those tights. you have fabulous taste hun

  2. I love these tights you need to add them to your zoo xx

  3. The coat is out of this world!! I'm such a lover of green, especially a gorgeous emerald green like that one :-)

    Hope you liked your postcard!

    Jem xXx

  4. Tights are amazing, I'd be too scared to click them though at that price! x

  5. Those tights are rad but knowing my luck with tights i'd ladder them in the first go. Which would be a huge waste of money for that price!

  6. In love with that coat! I'd be way too scared to wear those tights, I'd totally ladder them on the first wear! xo

  7. £99 for tights??!!!! Are they hand painted by pixies??


  8. I'd go for the green coat too. The tights, £99?, really? They are super cute but heck that's a price! I couldn't, especially not with two cats the the same house, I fear for my £3 tights when they are around!

  9. So sad at the price of those tights (as they are gorgeous) it still wouldn't stop ladders and fingers poking through! That coat is lovely, reminds me of something my Granny would have worn, would look amazeballs with a large brooch.