Friday, 31 August 2012

friday favourites 021..

001: Seeberger straw visor, £5.50, ASOS
002: Floral prom dress, £35, Clothing at Tesco
Oh gosh, in a week's time I will be on my way to Bestival. I've never been to a festival before, but in my imagination it will be sunny, and therefore I think I will be needing these things..

001: How fab this cute visor will be to keep the sun (I know, wishful thinking!?!) off my face? Practical as well as being a bargain..

002: I love this dress - I really love the shape and cut of prom dresses, although I wear them for every day. I tried to go and get it the other day, but it wasn't in the store I went to. I can just envisage it with wellies. No, maybe not? I'd make good use of it elsewhere, though..!


  1. a dress with wellies - just something I can see you in. that vison is rather cute I agree x