Wednesday, 1 August 2012

gold on the ceiling..

I cannot get my head around the fact that it's already August. Hey 2012, slow down a little? Kthx.
As I haven't done a challenge in a little while now, I have decided to get involved in something Hazel is running on her blog - Only Once August. She's basically going to try and be frugal and work her way through the things in her wardrobe which she hasn't ever worn.

dress: river island
shoes: irregular choice
I need to do something similar, as at the moment I look into the wardrobes and despair. I either look at things and think "this won't fit me anyomre -cry" or think "why did I buy you?". Neither of which are particularly practical.

As there are so many things which now look stupid due to not fitting, I'm not going to take part in the frugal part and impose a ban on myself buying anything new. But I am going to try and be a little more practical and buy things I actually need / will wear rather than do my usual "omg i need that because it has a cute print on it" and then get it home and think "what am I ever going to wear a cropped top with?!"
cardigan: topshop

So here is outfit one of my Only Once August challenge. I remember seeing this dress on the River Island website and being so taken with it. That was back in March 2011 according to the order history, and there it still was, hanging in the wardrobe with it's tags on. I know I've tried it on, but have never actually worn it. I'm still not entirely sure about it.

I'm going to extend the challenge to shoes. Mainly because for the last two days I've worn the same pair of (wonderful) bashed up black mary janes, which i love, but considering I have more than 250 pairs of shoes, some of the others don't get worn enough.

I can't remember when or if I last wore these gold ones. I love the music print, and am quite fond of the mushroom shape toe.

Going to have a bit of a clear out this evening and try to make some outfits of things I haven't worn yet. Ooh anf try out my new swimsuit - prepare for a post on that tomorrow!


  1. This is a great idea! I've been trying to do this for a while, partly because I don't want items to be left unworn and partly because I could really do with reducing the size of my wardrobe and by wearing more you realise what you do or don't want xxx

  2. woa mama HELLO PINS. Neildenier would be pleased


  3. 250 pairs if shoes? Where do you put them all? Great idea to include them in the challenge. These gold ones are lovely x

  4. great dress, great shoes! i need to do this too haha xxx

  5. LOVE that dress, such a gorgeous colour and length. I'm taking part in this challenge too :)

  6. Wow so many shoes, can't wait to see more of them! Loving this dress - I'm totally the opposite, as soon as I decide I'm gonna keep something I've bought I tend to wear it loads for ages... :)

  7. The dress is a great colour on you - it looks lovely!
    I have the same problem with wardrobes full of clothes that don't fit now (if they ever did) but cant bring myself to get rid of them, just in case....!

  8. I love everything about this outfit!