Wednesday, 22 August 2012

i am not afraid to walk this world alone..

dog print skirt: henry holland
dalmatian print shoes: george at asda
polka dot cardi: h+m (via charity shop) // t-shirt: h+m
necklaces: primark
Today's Only Once August item is this pair of dalmatian print shoes, bought on a whim when I saw them a little while back in Asda (whose clothes section, might I add, has got rather good recently) and then popped away in the wardrobe room and promptly forgotten about. I'm terrible like that.

So, having noticed them again when I had a bit of a clear-out the other day, I decided to wear them with an almost monochrome outfit. I don't like to do a completely monochrome look as it reminds me too much of heading off to work in a bar when I was younger. Not that I'd have worn the dog print skirt. Well, maybe I would have actually; I did like to push the uniform boundaries.

I have to admit I feel a little bit odd in a pencil skirt with mini heels on; these are definitely not the kind of height I would usually wear with a skirt like this, but I guess this challenge is all about wearing the things you wouldn't usually..? 

One of the charity shops in town has a section where they sell off lots of old H+M stock at super-cheap prices, so I picked up this cardi at some point for £2.99 and then saw it still for sale in H+M the following week at full price, so I can only assume there is some fault with this one somewhere which I haven't noticed.

I haven't worn necklaces for ages, of any kind, so perhaps these can count towards the challenge, too.

Off for swims again this evening, I'm doing fairly well at going every day now that I've got it into the routine. I do really enjoy it, especially during school holidays when there seem to be less kids jumping in in my way. Then I'm off to meet a friend, probably for tea. Argh, so much eating this week.                             


  1. Hey Char! I like this outfit, the monochrome wiht a dash of colour! You look really svelte in it! I bought these shoes too! They are my perfect height- I saw the ballet shoe patent ones on someone's blog and I went off to several Asdas in search of a pair of Size 8's to no avail so I was chuffed to find the Dalmations in 7 which fitted!

  2. Char you look so slim! Do you spend a fortune swimming? I went for one night and it cost me like £4! Madness.

  3. Those shoes are brilliant!
    Woof woof!
    Z xx

  4. Cute shoes. I like the heel height. I have either completely flat or high, nothing in between but I could do with adding something between the two to my collection.