Saturday, 25 August 2012

i'll keep chasing the soles of your shoes..

dress: vintage monsoon
belt: dorothy perkins
heels: new look
Last Saturday I was having a bit of a mooch around the shops with two of my best friends, when I spied this belt on one of the mannequins up on a high shelf. When the three of us had grown tired of buzzing around trying to track it down, I asked about it and eventually one of the staff grudgingly agreed to get some ladders and reluctantly retrieve it for me. I was pretty pleased when it was only £6!

The dress is a vinatge Monsoon one, picked up an age ago in a charity shop, which has sat in my Wales-wardrobe ever since, so I picked it out on Monday morning having stayed longer than anticipated, and tried out the new belt in order to cinch the waist in a little. Both items counting towards Only Once August. Is anyone else taking part?


  1. Oh I love that dress, looks super cute on you x

  2. this is so pretty! the belt's a great find xxx

  3. I really like that belt Char and the dress is lovely. Moths scare me too now, they keep attacking me in my bedroom! xxx

  4. The dress and belt are beautiful! x

  5. I'm taking part hehe...
    Love the dress and the belt is super fine. I wish I had your talent of finding such unique bits and pieces.

  6. Beautiful dress and fab belt.

    X x