Thursday, 30 August 2012

keep or return..

I've been a bit hopeless with shoppping recently. Well, if I'm entirely honest, it's not so much the shopping I'm hopeless at, it's my own view of myself, but that's a big and scary post for another day. I have picked these up over the last week or so from various sales and want some opinions as to whether I should keep or return, please. Don't be afraid to be honest with comments, I would rather know something looks unflattering.
001: I picked this dress up in the Tesco sale - that annoying thing where they only have one left and you REALLY like it, and therefore want it to work. I'm not sure if it looks waaay too stupidly big. Or if I could alter it a little and make it ok.
002: Another Tesco dress, same dilemma as above although this time a size smaller than I would have picked, had I had the option. I'm scared it looks waaay too skin-tight to be acceptable to wear out in public without giving women and small children nightmares?
003: These shorts were a sale purchase from Matalan last weekend, with Bestival in mind. I think I'm just a little unsure as they are quite a bright colour, a lot more casual than I would usually go for with being sweatpant material, and I guess I'm just not convinced about whether they look good or awful. Let me know what you think about all three..? I can't be the only one who wants to like something but just isn't quite sure, sometimes?


  1. I think the first dress looks too big so maybe return it or get the sewing machine out. The 2nd one I adore it looks fab and doesn't look tight or small fitting at all. The 3rd are a bit bright for me but if your going to a festival I say keep and wear them there as they are fun xx

  2. I love the shorts perfect for a festival......keep
    The first dress does look quite big but it's hard to tell on the photos you've posted if its unflattering.
    The second dress doesn't look tight at all to me.....keep
    Although I'd only keep the if your happy with them sure you'll find something to replace them with if not xxx

  3. I like the second dress and the shorts. If you can take the belly in on the first dress, keep it. Otherwise, ditch it. And, you're going to Bestival!? Me too! Look out for the schuh welly exchange! Free wellies in exchange for old unwanted shoes. Tell everyone you know who's going. I'll be about it some of the time but we're kinda just there to make sure the guys running it are ok so I'll be out and about the rest of the time - maybe I'll catch you. You got my twitter, right? @llara_has_2_ls xx

  4. I really like the dress with the daisy/flower pattern :) The first dress is lovely but the fit looks a bit weird, so if you could alter it then it could be lovely! And I imagine the shorts would be great for Bestival but bright colours scare me lol!

  5. I'm certain that you have the skills to alter the first dress, so keep that. The second dress is lovely and it looks lovely, but do you feel comfortable in it - if not return it. The shorts... honesty?... return them. The colour is perfect for Bestival but you look so uncomfortable wearing them. hope thats okay?

  6. Oooh definitely keep the second dress it is gorgeous and looks amazing. The first dress will be lovely but will be better if you alter it as it does swamp you a little.
    The shorts are very bright, perfect for a festival but may be a little too much for day to day? Xx

  7. The first dress does look a bit big, so I would alter or return it. The second one honestly looks great, definitely keep! The shape of the shorts is flattering on you but I don't think the colour would be very easy to style for everyday wear, but they'd be great for Bestival, so if they were cheap then I'd keep them.


  8. You don't look terrible in any of them, personally though I'm not keen on the shorts. The colour and fabric aren't working for me, but then I'm not a big lover of shorts at the best of times. The dresses are both lovely though, keepers.

  9. Dress one is too big, dress two is lovely- def not too tight xx

  10. LOVE the second dress, it showcases your fabulous figure where as the top one hides it away! If you can alter it I reckon it's a keeper as its a lovely print! I don't wear bright colours but the shorts are cute and look a good fit so for a festival I'd say they're pretty perfect!
    XO Amie

  11. dress two looks amazing and doesn't look too tight at all. the first one is a bit too big and the fit looks kind of odd. the shorts i'm undecided about, they'd probably look really cool with wellies at a festival but apart from i don't know how often you'd wear them so i guess it depends if you think they're worth it or not! xxx