Friday, 10 August 2012

leaderboard, who's keeping score..

heels: primark
perfume print dress: dorothy perkins
Today has mostly been a day of learning DIY and not letting the bullies win. I'm trying to make ths most of things and be more productive, and that includes getting some of the things crossed off my to-do list which have been on there for what seems like forever. When I was at the allotment last weekend, the woman who loves to make snidey comments about my lack of progress etc, mentioned what a shame it was that my plot didn't look a bit tidier, since we have a social event on Sunday. Which sort of made me mad, and then made me think, I'll get the fence up tomorrow. No point waiting for someone to help me, especially when it's someone who never does what they say they will. So if anyone has any fence-building tips, send them my way.

Today's dress, snapped up prior to the dentist apt yesterday in the 20% off promotion Dorothy Perkins are running this week. (I think it ends today, but it's online too). I'd thought about ordering online but that didn't make a lot of sense as whilst I'd have saved on the dress, I'd have had to pay postage. I love it's cute print though. Nothing else going on really, stomach pains back with a vengeance. Hoepfully the sun will last for the weekend.


  1. Oh some people have nothing better to do than moan, ignore the woman, moaning probably just helps her to feel important, but good luck with your fence, I hope it goes well.
    Your dress is gorgeous, I love the contrast collar and belt. Is the pattern cakes?

  2. cute dress!

    xx, rebecca

  3. I wish I could just say for you to ignore that woman and all your troubles vanish, but know that it's far more difficult than that :(

    What a pretty dress!

  4. That dress is seriously amazing, looks so pretty on you =) Eurgh, horrid woman, why would she say something like that? Some people just have nothing better to do!
    Also about your stomach pains, I know you've had all sorts of things investigated but have you had an ultrasound on your gallbladder?? And what kind of pains/where are they?? I just found out I have gallstones which give me crippling stomach and back pains, so it's maybe a possibility? Email me about it if you like =)

  5. I love that dress, so pretty! I hope you feel better soon, have you been to the doctors?

    Maria xxx