Thursday, 23 August 2012

quit looking at the clock, it'll only bring me down, and it won't bring you here..

jacket: marks and spencer limited collection (via ebay)
dress: h+m
heels: primark

 I'm so pleased I managed to track this jacket down recently. I saw it in a magazine feature a couple of years ago, I think. It was from Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection range and obviously was impossible to find once it had been in print! It's been one of those things I've stored in the back of my mind to eBay search for every now and then.

A few weeks back I managed to snap it up and I'm really pleased with it. It's it's first wear so I'm counting it towards Only Once August, but I'm pretty sure I'll wear it loads, given the boucle jackets which seem to be springing up everywhere at the moment.

I tried to sort of match the shoes to the mustardy edging details, although I know they aren't quite the same colour. Do you think that really matters? I went for this ancient H+M brown dress, which is a lovely shape but I managed to spill make-up on on it's very first wear, which didn't come out whatever I tried to shift it. The only reason I haven't got rid of it is because it's one of the only 'plain' dresses I have and I like to keep it for layering, where you won't see the stain.

I seem to have amused a few of you by mentioning that I was going to meet my 'hard work friend'. She's lovely, but a bit full-on; does nobody else have people like that?! I'd not want to stop seeing her, but keep our visits to every now and then. I hope that isn't too horrid of me.


  1. Gorgeous shoes! I love the colour xx

  2. That jacket is gorgeous, like a funked up version of the Chanel classic.
    Yes, I do have a friend like that. She's never been on my blog (and doesn't know it exists either) but whenever I see her she's always in floods of tears about Mum dying and Dad being ill, lovely I know but a bit of a downer! x

  3. I love the Limited Collection, it's quite reasonably priced too. I was in M&S today and they had a couple of lovely Autumn dresses and a cute owl top!
    I have a hard work friend, a boy who is always imagining problems with his girlfriend even though she's lovely and clearly really likes him. I end up getting cross with him and don't want to :(

  4. I love the jacket I remember seeing the collection I loved some of the dresses but they were sold out xx

  5. Loving the jacket, it looks so chic. Trust me we all have a friend like that!

    X x

  6. such a beautiful jacket! good old eBay what a find x
    XO Amie

  7. You look so chic Char! The jacket is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Hi Char! This outfit is lovely. I love the primary color combo. Adoring the fact you mixed in a neutral :)!


  9. The jacket is really nice, glad you managed to find it! It is so annoying when something you like goes into print and then you can't get hold of it anywhere unless you pay a fortune on eBay. Always seems to happen to me with Zara items! :(

    Hope you have a lovely weekend hun!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  10. I really, really like this. Well done on finding the jacket. I know what you mean about finding things that are seen in print, how is it that you can see something the very day a magazine is out and the flippin' thing is already out of stock?!