Tuesday, 21 August 2012

ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean..

heels: primark (via new life charity outlet)
dress: c/o OASAP
belt: monsoon
I am not really enjoying the weather this week, but I hope it gets this rain out of it's system before the Bank Holiday weekend! Also, I knew if I wore this dress today I'd probably seem too summery. Judging by the rain pouring down outside I wasn't able to tempt the sun to shine.

Never mind. The dress is from OASAP and I sort of hoped that this belt would go with it ok, to cinch in the waist a little. I love the fact it's so floaty, but always worry with this kind of thing that it will make me look massive, if I don't do something to pull the waist in a little. I had to DIY a new hole or two on this belt, which I nabbed from a skirt which I really ought to wear soon as well as part of the Only Once August challenge. {This dress is new so totally counts!}.

Off for swimming this evening, and then having a friend over for tea. Which is a nice thing, so I'm not sure why I'm feeling stressy about it. I always get on well with her, she's not hard work (unlike the friend I'm seeing tomorrow eve!) but I'm feeling a bit as though my evenings are so full I don't have time to do any of the things I want to, like baking for the weekend or making postcards, since I can't seem to find any cute ones in the shops or online.

I am still a bit miffed that last night after my swim I went to the allotment to meet a grumpy potential new plotholder and show her around, except she didn't show up. I'd finished my planting and watering and then sat around for another hour as I didn't have her number. So I was less than impressed when I got an email from her this morning to say "oh I missed that part of your email, can you do another evening?" and I had to say no. Which I still feel a bit bad about. Even though it wasn't my mistake. Gaah.


  1. This dress is lush, looks much nicer in these pics than on the website. Love the neon pop! xx

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  2. Love the dress, though I do hope you changed prior to heading to the allotment?! ;-) Don't you just hate grumpy self absorbed people - pfft!

  3. Gorgeous dress! I always belt floaty or loose dresses, they just suit me better that way. I know how you feel, lately I don't feel like I have time to do anything xxx

  4. That dress is perfect Char! Hope your evening turns out well :)

  5. I love the dress it's so pretty and summery :) it looks fab on xx

  6. The dress looks lovely on you, love the colour combo! x

  7. The dress is lovely, I normally don't like yellow but that is really nice :)


  8. you look amazing :) haha i hope your hard-work friend doesn't read your blog lol! xxx

  9. What a lovely and flattering dress. You look very elegant. I sometimes get stressed about seeing my friends, which is completely ridiculous- they're my friends after all!

  10. Love, love, LOVE this dress on you!
    Totally gorg!
    Thanx for your letter it was lovely to receive. Bit bogged down with a home that resembles a building site at the mo, but will write back. Love letters...I think we should bring back letter-writing, as good as emails and texting are, nothing beats a real letter plopping thru' your letterbox.
    Z xx

  11. Wow. Wow, wow, wow this dress is gorgeous. You look fab. I envy anyone that can wear yellow, I love the colour but it totally washes me out.
    You shouldn't feel bad about saying no to the allotment lady, your time is yours and it's precious.